Turning your jeans into shorts.

Turning your jeans into shorts.

Jan 11, 2018, 9:16:06 PM Life and Styles

Well, I am back finally......

It's taken a while but life and health gets in the way, thankfully I'm doing well.   I now know what was wrong with my health.  I cant believe IBS took 5 years to diagnose and it is actually manageable in my case.   Also a trip to the beach and a good surf will cure almost anything, you realise how insignificant your worries are.......

Well my blog today is about denim shorts and how to properly make them from old jeans.

Let me paint a picture here, I'm 47 and I had this cool pair of ripped jeans (I get picked on any family event with these jeans so they must be cool).  The fit was amazing, however, I decided to clean my new kitchen while wearing them, the rips in them got bigger and bigger until, they almost became long shorts. (My knees ripped all the way through).

As you can imagine, I was quite upset, so I thought, "I could turn these into shorts but not super short, that would look really wrong on me".

Out comes my sewing machine, I cut the legs off where I want them.

At this point, it looks pretty amateur even to me and I'm starting to panic.  They are getting shorter and shorter as I level the legs out.  So I sew around the hem of the legs before they fray any further.  Takes several attempts as I haven't used my sewing machine or put new thread in it for a while (amazing how many of my clothes that I have mended are black).


So the next step is to fold up the hem up TWICE (I found this out by looking at a favourite pair of shorts I bought last Summer).   

Then sew the sides in by hand, so that when they go through the wash they don't fall apart.

Then you need to iron the hem with a really hot iron, on the cotton or linen setting and voila, there's your new shorts!

And here I am modelling them, please excuse the untanned legs,  I am of Irish descent and can't tan!


Hope this was helpful and amusing


Suuze :)


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