Wearing over the knee boots in your 40's

Wearing over the knee boots in your 40's

Jul 8, 2016, 6:20:36 PM Life and Styles

This winter there seems to be a new fashion statement going on.....The over the knee boot.

I'm in my mid 40's and I'm feeling my age with this trend, however there is a way women of my age can get away with it and not look like we are trying too hard to chase our youth or steal our daughters clothes.

I bought a pair of these boots a week ago because I like them.  I got a look of disgust from hubby and my two teenage sons raised their eyebrows.  So this spurred me on to "have a go".

I took to the internet and did some research.......

There are a set of rules if you want to rock a pair of these in your 40's.

1. Do NOT show any thigh, black leggings are great with these under a dress that is a little shorter.

2. Try a longer dress with these (it really works as above).

3. Try these with dark skinny jeans

4. Please don't even try them with shorts, leave that for girls in their 20's!

5. This is the most important rule.........keep the rest of your outfit streamlined and simple.


Guess what, I wore them on the weekend with Jeans and a short dress, hubby even took some photos!



Thankyou for reading my blog...till next blogtime!

Suuze xx

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