Brimorie - A New Age

Brimorie - A New Age

Welcome to the third part of my series, Brimorie - A New Age.  Think of this as an experiment, if you will.  Each month, will bring a new installment. This will be a different experience for most of my constant readers. In a sense, what you will be viewing is my script for a potential horror movie.

The characters of Brimorie (you will get introduced to him later, if you survive), Professor Ben Collins and James Rogers were created by Theresa Jacobs for her book, “Sudden Death.”

If you are a fan of the supernatural and things that go bump in the night, I highly recommend that you pick it up. You won’t be able to put it down.

Check it out at the following link:

Now, join me if you dare, as we step into a place where technology meets terror.  Sometimes it is better to unplug. Enjoy…….




James sits drinking coffee and typing on his laptop on the table in his motel room. Judging from the rustic 1970s decor, this lodge has seen better days.


Over his shoulder, a young and vibrant CHARLOTTE COLLINS smiles back at him.  He scrolls down to read the article on her disappearance. Picking up his cell phone, he proceeds to dial.




Hello, is Detective Mason available?


James listens.




I'm James Rogers. I'm with the Surrey Sentinel. Yeah, the college paper. We're on a break and I was doing an article on some of the recent disappearances on campuses. I wanted to talk to him about the Charlotte Collins case.


James nods his head a few times.




If you could give him my message. He can reach me at 236-555-9220. Thanks. I'm staying at the Evergreen Motel.


James places his cell in his jeans pocket and goes back to reading the article.




Ben is pouring over various tomes at his desk. He is reading the Book of Enoch. Closing the book, he takes his glasses off and puts them on the desk. Leaning back in his chair, he closes his eyes.




A beautiful brunette woman in her 40's sits in front of a mirror absentmindedly brushing her hair. This is Ben Collins' wife, Claire.  In the background, we see Ben. He is just watching her. She catches his eye in the mirror and immediately stops what she's doing.




We have to talk.


Claire places her brush on the vanity table. She sighs deeply.




There's nothing to say, Ben.


Ben enters the room and sits down on the bed in front of her. She doesn't turn around to face him. Instead, she remains looking at him through the mirror.




We don't even talk about Charlotte anymore. You don't ask if the police found anything. It's like she didn't exist.




I can't talk about it anymore, Ben. She's gone. I loved my daughter. I miss her but I can't continue to obsess over it. That's all you do anymore. You walk around here, you don't work, we don't've become a ghost. A shell of the man I married.


Her voice trails off. Tears spill from her eyes. Ben is also emotional.




Damn it, Claire! You shut me out. I tried reaching out to you but you never responded. I want to know what happened. I have the right.




You have the right! But it has become your world. You spend every waking hour going over her case. It is all you can think about. Meanwhile, I am still here, Ben! She's not coming back! We have to live with it.


Claire breaks down and starts to sob. Ben stands up and goes over to her. He attempts to take her into his arms but she pushes him away.




Don't touch me! It's too late.


Ben looks shell shocked.




What do you mean?




I can't do this anymore, Ben. I want a divorce.




Do I have a say in any of this? Do you care how I feel?




There's no point. We're past that.


They look at one another. Even without words, the pain is unbearable.




Ben jolts awake.  He stares at the picture of Charlotte on his desk.





Matt is sitting in front of a monitor. His forehead is wrinkled in concentration. Working away, he doesn't notice that Devin has entered the room.






Startled out of his zone, Matt nearly jumps out of his seat.




Wow! You could've knocked, man.


Devin smiles and sits down at the monitor next to Matt.




Sorry. You're awfully edgy.




Just making sure everything is ready.


Petra and Sophie enter the room.  Devin immediately lightens up when he sees Sophie.  Petra sits down on the other side of Matt. Sophie follows suit sitting next to Devin.




Everybody ready?




Good to go, boss.


Sophie places her hand on Devin's leg. They look at one another.




Time to play.


Devin logs into the game. The following disclaimer explodes on to the screen. Play Sudden Death if you dare! Must be 18 to play. Real time. Real life. Once you enter, you cannot leave! Devin hesitates slightly before clicking the ENTER button. He presses it. The screen fades to black.




Matt, anything going on?


Matt shakes his head no. Devin turns his attention to the black screen. Enter your credit card number appears in red letters. Devin removes his wallet from the back pocket of his jeans and begins to type in the information. Once he is finished, the screen goes dark again.




Wait a minute....


Matt peers at the screen. He moves closer.












Something trippy is happening. I can't ....


Interspersed with the regular code, the following words can be seen.




Get out, Dev. NOW!!!!


Matt starts frantically typing. Devin tries to shut down the game.




I can't.  What's going on?




I don't know. These random words just appeared in the code. I try to counter command and they keep repeating. I'm going to see if I can delete it.




Come on, Matt!




I'm doing the best I can. Fuck!




I told you this was a bad idea, Devin!


Matt hits the enter key. The screen goes blank and so does Devin's screen.




What the hell just happened?




I don't know. The code was working as expected and then all of a sudden, these strange words started appearing. They are like nothing I have ever seen.




Can you remember any of the words?


Matt closes his eyes.




Negeltu...Sepsu...that's about it.  All I know is it creeped me the fuck out. I have never seen anything like it.




What happens now?




Honestly, I don't know.


The group look at one another fear in each other's eyes.




What did we just do?


Sophie shivers.




We shouldn't have done this.  Devin, I told you....




Okay, before we get all caught up in whatever is going on, nothing has happened. No fire, no brimstone. We are very much alive. Matt probably found a bug or defect.


Sophie shakes her head slowly.




No, Devin. We found it. It knows we are here.


Devin takes Sophie's hands in his.




Look at me, Soph.  We are going to be okay.




For our sakes, I hope you are right, Devin.




Ben is sitting by the bed of his daughter, Charlotte. She is in a coma. He quietly holds her hand.  The fluorescent light above her bed starts to flicker on and off. Ben stares at it for a moment. Then it goes out. The room becomes dark. Various lights on Charlotte's life support system start turning off.


Standing up, Ben starts yelling.






He strides quickly to the open door which slams shut. Agitated, Ben tries to open it but cannot. He turns around to see Charlotte rising from the bed. She yanks the tube from her throat bringing up a fountain of grey green mucus. Methodically, she rips the IV drip from her arm causing a gush of warm, crimson to fall on to her gown.  All Ben can do is stand there and watch the scene before him with a look of horror on his face.

Charlotte continues shuffling toward Ben. Standing before him, she slowly lifts her head to reveal charred skin and ultra-bloodshot eyes burning like coal embers. Her mouth opens wide to expose sharp-shredded rare steak teeth dripping with oozing molten lava pus. 




I love you, Daddy!




Ben bolts upright in his bed drenched in sweat. The expression on his face is one of absolute terror.





Matt is staring at the ceiling. He swings his legs out of the bed and sits on the edge running his fingers through his hair. Standing up he heads out of his room toward the kitchen. Padding over to the refrigerator, he opens the door and contemplates the selection. Matt grabs a Coke and enters the living room. Flopping down on the couch, he turns the television on.


From behind Matt the entire room can be seen. He continues to channel surf. Feeling a chill in the air, Matt shivers slightly. As he takes a deep breath, the cold air becomes visible. The shape of a dark figure appears behind him and reaches out to touch Matt on the shoulder. Matt jumps up and wildly looks around the room like a caged animal. His eyes darting to and fro he doesn't see anything.


The unseen figure lingers behind him. Once again, Matt feels a slight touch, ice crystals begin to form on his shoulder. Staring in disbelief, the ice melts and a wave of heat washes over him. It feels like someone has turned a furnace up to 1000 degrees. The searing pain causes Matt to cry out in anguish. Suddenly, he starts cooking from the inside out. His skin bubbling away from the bone, he literally starts melting.  His screams echo in the dark. 

Published by Susan Leighton Woman on the Ledge

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