Hangin' on the Ledge with Madeleine Holly-Rosing

Hangin' on the Ledge with Madeleine Holly-Rosing

I have been a steampunk fan since childhood. For those of you who are not familiar with the genre, think of the tv show, The Wild Wild West with Robert Conrad and Ross Martin or the movie of the same name with Will Smith and Kevin Kline. The blend of science fiction with 1800s technology is truly inventive.  That is why I was super excited to snag my next guest. 

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Madeleine Holly-Rosing, the creator of the webcomic the Boston Metaphysical Society.

The Story Behind The Story

I love writing BOSTON METAPHYSICAL SOCIETY. Not only does it bring my love of science fiction and history together, (which by the way, equals steampunk), the steampunk time period allows me to address the themes of classism, sexism, and racism in America in a thoughtful and entertaining way. For at its very core, BOSTON METAPHYSICAL SOCIETY is an American story. And you can't tell an American story without including women and people of color.

It has been and always will be important to me to write characters who, though they come from diverse backgrounds and have different points of view, are able to work together for the common good.

BOSTON METAPHYSICAL SOCIETY began as a TV Pilot which I wrote while I was in the MFA Program in Screenwriting at UCLA. It was somewhat inspired by a script I had written called Stargazer, which was about a real life astronomer who lived in Boston in the late 1880's. (Stargazer went on to win the Sloan Fellowship.) It was suggested that I adapt Boston Metaphysical into a six issue graphic novel mini-series. I agreed and the hunt was on for an artist. Many months later, I met Emily Hu through a mutual friend and a partnership was born. Her passion for the project matched my own and I knew the story was in good hands. I launched BOSTON METAPHYSICAL SOCIETY as a webcomic in May of 2012. The following year we printed a special edition of the first chapter.

Through a combination of self-funding and the generous support of Kickstarter backers, we were able to finish the six issue series and now we are back to print this expanded version of the trade which includes a brand new ten page short story.

However by wading into the deep end of the pool, I discovered a terrible truth – I love writing comics.

So I bring you Samuel, Caitlin, and Granville who represent the best, the worst, and every shade of gray of the society in which they live. They are products of their world yet strive for not only more, but better.

Much like you and I.

By backing this project, you would not only be supporting the printing of the trade paperback, but a vision of a future where the teamwork and sacrifice of a diverse group of individuals ultimately defeats evil.

 Please join us in bringing this project to life.

The Kickstarter Campaign runs from February 1 to March 3.

Kickstarter Link: http://kck.st/2kT8SqU

Boston Metaphysical Society – A Steampunk Supernatural Graphic Novel

Written by Madeleine Holly-Rosing; Art by Emily Hu; Color by Gloria Caeli

Boston, 1895 - Steam driven technology dominates and dirigibles rule the sky.  A new century and new technology looms on the horizon turning the social and political status quo its head. People are uncomfortable with change and, in fact, many people fear it.

That fear and the violence which follows, causes a psychic rift to puncture the veil of space and time allowing an entity known as "The Shifter" to escape into our world. It feeds on the resentment and fears between the rich and the poor and triggers a rash of murders. In order to stop it, the greatest and most creative minds of the time band together. They are: Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and Harry Houdini.

BUT THEY FAIL. Frustrated by their own in-fighting, they look to ex-Pinkerton detective, SAMUEL HUNTER.  A man driven by revenge, for the one mistake The Shifter made was killing Samuel Hunter’s wife. Samuel gathers his unlikely team of… Caitlin O’Sullivan, medium and spirit photographer, and Granville Woods, Scientist Extraordinaire.

Their job: Stop The Shifter before Boston tears itself apart.





Published by Susan Leighton Woman on the Ledge

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