Hangin' on the Ledge with Tim Clark

Hangin' on the Ledge with Tim Clark

My latest guest is Tim Clark from the Life Explained blogs on Google +. Tim writes for The Wild Word and has been published in the Huffington Post. He will also pen an upcoming column for the The Wild Word in the near future.

This month's topic is learning to love life. Like Kevin James says, "Don't sweat the small stuff." Without further ado, here is Tim's post. You can find him at http://tim-thingsastheyare.blogspot.com/. If you ever need a pick me up or some food for thought, Mr. Clark is your man!

Life is kind of strange. In fact, life is full blown bozo. If you were to track the normal parts of life and balance them against the strange, and I have, you would see the shocking disparity. Strangeness wins hands down every time.

Think of the times you laid out a plan, every contingency covered, to be somewhere at a certain time, or do something in a particular fashion, and then think about how, despite the careful, thorough blueprint for success the whole thing fell apart. Better yet, don’t think about it. It is too depressing.

Instead, think about something happy. Life is too short. And, you know what, life is going to go on. If you are late once in a while don’t sweat it. It happens. If you have to change your plans embrace the opportunity. Sometimes the water is so refreshing if you change horses in mid-stream. In fact, maybe try carrying the horse across the stream. Think of the conversations that will foster.

Nietzsche said “and those who were seen dancing were considered insane by those who can’t hear the music.” Nobody wants to be considered insane, but if you don’t hear the music maybe you are not trying hard enough, or maybe you are trying too hard. Relax, life flows, and we can’t stop that.

I have always wondered why things happen in such a random way. Just once it would be nice to see something work out the way it should. Religions, the works of philosophers, the ramblings of old drunken friends, self-prescribed medication, I have looked everywhere, and probably always will. But, there does not seem to be an answer.

Once I learned to live with the vagaries, and inconsistencies I found some happiness. Some small satisfaction.  I don’t need answers. I have become happy with the questions.

This is the gift I try to give, the lesson I try to teach with my blog. Never stop looking, but follow the advice the Sphinx gave to the Austrian Legionnaire when he asked for the secret of life. “Don’t expect too much.”  If we can all learn that life is brief, sometimes brutal, and occasionally exquisite life will be better for everybody.

Thank you for your time. Thank you, Susan, for this opportunity, to spread the word, and “thank you, Lord for thinking about me, I’m alive and doing fine.” *


*From Signs by the Five Man Electric Band.

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