Durga Pujo, one of the biggest festivals of Bengalis

Durga Pujo, one of the biggest festivals of Bengalis

Oct 18, 2021, 11:08:51 AM Religion

I am starting my writing by wishing everyone a happy Vijaya Dashami. The biggest festival in Bengali is called Durgotsab. Durga Puja and Eid celebrations are celebrated by people of different religions, but these two festivals are considered universal festivals. -Everyone irrespective of caste can participate although in the formality of this festival everyone follows their own customs and rules, but everybody is welcomed in the festival that creates the atmosphere of joy in this festival. Today is the last day of Durga festival, the biggest festival in Bengali.

The five-day festival will end today. According to the Puranas, mother Durga will return with her children to her husband's house called Kailas. Mother will be said goodbye in tears and will be invited to come again next year. This custom has been going on for ages.

We all know that coronavirus has been rampant for the last two years and that it is still in its infancy. However, coronavirus is under some control.

Because if it was not normal, people's lives would have stopped. However, the government of any country has not been able to start educational institutions in that way. Even if it is started in some countries, there is a lot of caution.

If festivals are not a very important thing in our life, then it is a very important thing. It is very important to keep life healthy, normal and enjoyable. In that case, festivals play a very important role. It was very necessary to break this darkness and celebrate the light by reviving the people in a new way.

The government has not imposed any restrictions on the observance of Durga Puja at this time.

Even if some Bengalis have ignored all these rules and celebrated the festival in a very whimsical way. I am repeatedly worried about where the situation will go due to this recklessness. Not only me, but all the medical community and understanding people have also thought about this. If not, let the situation improve. There has been a lot of damage done to Corona, now we have to move forward.

Keeping in mind Corona's words, I didn't go out much this time. I spent this time watching the pujo in my own neighborhood and the surrounding area. I go out in the afternoon and return home at dawn. One day in Kolkata and one day in Bangaon. I have been worshiping like this for several years. But this time I have stopped going out for my own safety.

Because when people suddenly go to celebrate, the way they don't forget all the rules, they think they are moving, it is very dangerous. Coronavirus is a subject where you just have to be aware, not everyone around you has to be careful, otherwise all efforts will fail. This time the mother idol has become very beautiful in our neighborhood. Since no importance was given to the pendulums in Corona, every Tagore has become extraordinary.

Although every year Tagore is made very beautifully. But I think this year has been more beautiful

We have shared with you the pictures of Puja in and around our neighborhood.

Published by Sadia Zaman

Written by Sadia Zaman

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