Best Switchboard Brands In India

Best Switchboard Brands In India

Nov 15, 2021, 7:37:44 PM Business

Electricity is one of the most important things that one needs and cannot do without. They keep getting more and more advanced with time. But certain basic things are needed all the time and cannot change with time. 

There are a few things that make the system run smoothly: sockets and switches that provide power and help the system run smoothly. There are a lot of brands in India that make remote-controlled switchboards and are good at it. Here are the best ones that are most trusted here:

1. Legrand

Legrand is a French company with a presence across the globe like the US, Europe and Asia. They are extremely famous and are true to their quality. Switchboards are one thing that you don't want to keep changing, so it's better to get the best quality only from the beginning. 

Legrand is one such brand that makes work easy and helps with efficiency since they are all about quick work and good quality. They transform your basic house into a smart one with easy to use technology and are budget-friendly too. 

2. GM Modular 

Gm modular came in the year 2000 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This company is known for its constant innovation and market leaders in switches and other home electrical accessories, making innovative products that tremendously transform people's lives.

They have a large variety of products available from distribution boards and more that are popular and are true to the quality they mention. This company has made a trusted name in a very short period due to their electrical products. 

3. Anchor 

Another very popular brand in this electrical sector is Anchor, founded in 1963 in Mumbai. They are an old name in this industry and are known for their long-lasting products and worth your investment in them. 

They are a very big company now yet have the best quality only. Anchor has a big name and has offices everywhere with 4 Regional Offices, over 23 state sales headquarters, and 37 sales offices in India. Value for money, people like this brand a lot and trust their products. 

4. Havells 

Another very trusted name in this industry is Havells. Havells India was founded in 1958 and is one of the largest electrical equipment companies in India. This company also manufactures lighting appliances, fans, switching devices and a lot more. 

They have a lot of switch ranges that can work well for your home, but not only these days, people don't want to compromise on the look, and they provide not only easy functioning but also look. Another good thing about them is that they are easy to use and worth your purchase. 

Check Legrand out; they have some high-quality electric goods from circuit breakers to distribution boards and switching devices that make your home a smart one and are worth your investment. 

Published by Swapnil Jukunte

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