5 Types Of Men's Sherwani That'll Make Head Turns

5 Types Of Men's Sherwani That'll Make Head Turns

Fashion is a form of self-expression, and fashion is the perfect self-expression at a particular time and place. Fashion is within a person, and a person can be purely defined by fashion.

Today, in fashion, we will tell you about men's sherwani. We are giving the whole spotlight to the sherwani, famous wedding wear, and this cloth made an impact worldwide. We will tell you what it is and the types of sherwanis that can convert full attention towards you.

What Is A Sherwani?

Sherwani is a long-sleeved outer coat mostly worn in Asia, particularly in South Asia. It is fitted with suppression; it always falls below the knees and is buttoned down to the end. It can be collarless or can be in shirt style. It is the perfect wedding outfit. 

Sherwani was originated in the 18th century in India. The Indians promoted it as formal wear, and in the 19th century, sherwani was officially worn to offices and work. 

Types Of Sherwanis That Will Make Head Turns

Sherwani is the perfect choice of wear that can make a man look elegant and classy. Here, we will tell you the five best sherwanis that will seek your attention. Let's get started on the list.

1) Embroidered Sherwani 

This is the best wedding sherwani for men. This embroidered piece of outer coat gives the perfect elegant look. You can style this sherwani into the wedding, and you can see the response you will get. 

2) Velvet Sherwani  

Velvet is a soft and shiny fabric perfect for making a sherwani. This type of clothing will make your special day even more special. Velvet sherwani with simple plain pants will give you the perfect wedding look. 

3) Kalamkari Sherwani 

Mostly worn in India, kalamkari sherwani is the best for its unique looks and various colors. This will give you an emerging look and make you the most stylish of the wedding night.

Kalamkari goes best with plain white pants. It will fulfill all your stylish desires, and you will not feel disappointed when weaning the kalamkari. 

4) Jodhpuri Sherwani 

Jodhpuri is a classic sherwani and is best known for its black color. This masterpiece can be worn on many occasions like family gatherings, social gatherings, and cultural events. 

If you want to give yourself the perfect groom's look, then Jodhpuri sherwani is the best choice for you. 

5) Plain Sherwani  

If you want to give yourself an elegant look, go for a plain sherwani. This simple traditional wear is best to keep your personality up, and it is not too embroidered nor too simple, so it is best to look decent and elegant.    

In this article, we have told you about men's sherwani. We have explained what a sherwani is and the best types of sherwani that can make your looks better.   

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