We all love MAC. Don’t we? But once you reach the outlet you will be lost into the ocean of shades and it gets really tough to select just few for you. And so here I am trying to take you out of your dilemma and presenting you five iconic and easy going shades for all kind of skin tone. I have chosen three bold shades suitable for all skin tones and two nude shades one for dark  skin tone and another for fair skin tone.

The shades are from the retro matte and matte series of MAC so they all have a dry feel but these shades at the same time are insanely popular because of  their iconic shades,long lasting wear and permanent range. They do not tug on your lips and slides pretty smoothly and settle into a full matte finish after few finish. They are of course a bit dry but all you need to do is to exfoliate and moisturise your lips well before applying any of these. A good lip balm and you will simply love the compliments coming your way. So next time you visit a MAC outlet or order it online you would know surely what to pick up. Take a look!





We talk about Mac and don’t say Ruby Woo then it will be sheer injustice to the entire brand. This is the iconic shade of MAC. Simply a legend which made MAC famous. It’s in the series of retro matte which is overwhelmingly popular among masses for its bold shades and long lasting. It has powder soft finish and perfect shade of bright red which suits almost all the skin tones fair or dark on this planet. The colour is stunning and it would suit all most all skin complexions. But the only cons with ruby woo is that it’s very drying. Provides full coverage and stays all day. It smells really good as it has trademark vanilla scent.


My verdict

Ruby woo is more like cult you like it or not you have to have it. Though some may find it extremely drying aso in that case you can skip.


Oh, I just love this one shade. It’s my favourite. It’s very bright orange-red, intense coral matte shade and provides a glossy finish. Instantly brightens up the mood and suitable for all indian complexion and age. The shade is probably the loudest but a perfect mix of red and orange. In Spite of being a matte lipstick it’s very smooth and highly pigmented. It has zero feathering and even application.

My verdict

If you are looking for a perfect orange shade then this is it. Last all day and its very eye catching and would make you noticeable even on your bad hair days. And what more you can even use it as a blush and the smell is incredible too.


This one is a very gorgeous shade for all types of skin tone. And The color is a bright Fuchsia matte red which is just so effortlessly sexy. Though it’s a bit drying and you need to apply lip balm with it. Very bold finish and eye catching colour which is fiercely feminine. The colour is so strong that it stays all day and leaves a tint once removed. Provides full coverage.

My verdict

So even though Ruby woo is insanely popular and insanely red this one lipstick can be used instead of that if you are not a very big fan of red and want instead a safer red. And as it’s of permanent and not very bright so it can easily be pulled off at your work place and while shopping.

MEHR (INR 1500) (MATTE 70)

It’s basically rosy browny nude. So like rest of MAC mattes, Mehr is firmly in the Velvet Teddy camp in regards to texture, as opposed to the Ruby Woo one which means it’s a creamy, comfortable matte that still wears for 4-5 hours. It’s fully opaque, easy to apply, wears off gracefully, and won’t shred your lips. Doesn’t 100% need a liner. Great pigmentation and just need a single swipe.

My verdict

Well this is a kind of a shade which doesn’t go well with every type of skin tone but suited most to neutral/dark skin tone ladies. Though it’s that perfect shade of nude which can be used anywhere with any outfit. The choice is yours really.


This is that perfect nude lipstick which you have been searching for all your life. Not everyone can pull off a nude shade and it looks mostly pale on fair skinned people but with kinda sexy be confident about having that right shade of nude which would enhance your aura and you just need to pair it off with smoky eyes.

My verdict

Well yes for all the fair skin people and no for neutral tones. It might feel drying too and come off very early but it’s a yes because of it’s colour.


Published by Swapnil Pandey

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