Decor Approved By Interior Designers in Delhi for 2022

Decor Approved By Interior Designers in Delhi for 2022

Jan 1, 2022, 12:36:40 PM Life and Styles

It is that time of year again - with Christmas and the New Year around the corner, people are again raking up ideas to make their homes look ready to ring in the festivities. If you want to take care of what is trending when it comes to the interiors of your home, you need to plan ahead. To get a sense of what you must expect in terms of the coming year, we have got a list of decor ideas from the best interior designers in Delhi just for you. These decor ideas won’t disappoint you and in fact, will let you design your home with the right kind of decor. Read on to know the interior predictions for the coming year 2022! 

What are the decor predictions for the New Year? 

One of the main problems faced by most people is that they are constantly worrying about what is in fashion and what is not when it comes to interiors for their homes. It can be hard to keep up with all the latest trends - that too which are ever-changing. If you are planning on doing up your home just before New Year beckons us, then we are sure these predictions by interior decorators in Delhi about the trends that will be popular in the coming year will be of great help to you. They are mentioned below:

·        Lots of natural materials: The best interior decorators in Delhi believe that the year 2022 will the year of lots of natural materials, especially in spaces like the living or drawing rooms. This is because individuals are now seeking an extremely responsible approach when it comes to designing their living spaces so that it lasts for a longer period of time. This can be done if people are able to incorprate elements that are encapsulated in their environments. Therfore, if you add natural materials like that of wood mixed with travertine, it will result in an extremely calming effect in your living room. 


·        Vintage like never before: The shortage that has cropped up in the supply chain and the sudden focus on being more environment friendly is going to have a huge impact on the interior design trends that will be considered to be most popular in the year 2022. It will be more of the year when there will be a celebration of one of kind finds from the past. Not only because vintage finds are a great way for upcycling and keeping the environment green, it also contributes immensely in making your interior decor look classy yet glamorous. Interior designers in Delhi have called it to be a ‘sustainable and efficient option’ when it comes to home decor but is also a wonderful reflection of your personality. Homes are all about celebrating the uniqueness and having different furniture choices of people are just a great way of doing that. 


·        Black accents: One of the most popular interior decor ideas that will be seen almost everywhere are black accents. Black accents and hardware will be part of popular home trends in the coming year 2022 and we cannot say it enough. If you want to add some great depth and an edge over the others to your minimalist living space, then this is a great idea. The best interior decorators in Delhi advise that you must opt for neutral colours when you choose the main elements of your space. An example of this would be paint colours and large sofas and then you can incorporate black accents which will make for a great contrast. If you want to accentuate any areas of your home then opting for black accents such as lamps will be of great help. It will add depth and make the place look more attractive. Another great idea would be to swap out black candles on your existing pieces such as side tables or even TV cabinets. This will be a great element of adding a bit of contrast to the place. 


·        Textured fabrics for the win: The year 2022 already seems to be saying that you must bring out all of your textured fabrics. It is a great way of increasing attention to detail. Fabrics such are velvets and Sherpa are the ‘it’ fabrics of the New Year. This is because cozy fabrics not only look fabulous and chic but also give an amazing feel both to the space and you. Add to this some fringe on your sofas and all other furniture. It may seem like we are back to the olden days but it will definitely spruce up your entire space and make it look super stylish. 


·        Opt for natural lighting: If you live in an apartment and want to do up your little living space in the most elegant manner then opting for natural lighting will be a great idea. The incoming year 2022 will be about lots of lights and makiing dull spaces look vibrant. This is one of the most repeated predictions by the best interior designers in Delhi. Having good access to daylight will be the main key to proper apartment living. This is because the pandemic left everyone within the four walls of their homes - this was especially bad for people living in apartments. Keeping this in mind, interior designers suggest that for the new year, we must make sure that our living spaces get abundant daylight - both outside and inside. It is a trend that will never go out of fashion and also works as a great stress reliever. 


These were some of the most powerful predictions for the coming year 2022 from selective but definitely the most sought after interior decorators in Delhi. If you are looking for ways to change the interiors of your home and want some expert advice, then get in touch with Latest Interiors, who are undoubtedly the best interior designers in Delhi. With their team of experts you can give a wonderful touch up to your home and make it look one of a kind. Get new year ready with Latest Interiors!

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