6 Tips to Work Well with your Web Designers

6 Tips to Work Well with your Web Designers

Every business starts with an idea but after an idea what you need most is the website especially when you’re starting it online. Without a website, you can’t draw your presence on the Internet so the first thing is to find a designer who can design your website according to your expectations.

Finding the right web designer can be a daunting task because all of them have their own skill sets and specialties. So, it’s important that you consider your website requirements and then start hunting the designer. When you find the designer, here’s how you can make the most of their skills.

1. Hire the Relevant One

Don’t approach someone who is a complete stranger. You should start with someone who is tried, tested and trustworthy. Ask in your circle if they know any designer or have tried anyone. Search for the kind of website you’re looking for and if the design seems relevant then pitch the designer.

Knowing your project scope, talk with the designer and see if he would be able to fit in your requirements frame. 

2. Know the Basics

Knowing the basics is important while you’re hiring the designer. We don’t mean that you should know the complete ins and outs of the design but a little information is essential. If you’re hiring a web design company dubai then you can skip this part but while hiring the designer you need to understand the few fundamentals.

The information can be the domain name, web hosting service, and the website. It’s not essential but knowing the fundamentals can be helpful. If you don’t know then don’t worry because the designer can help you with the process.

3. Collaborate with the Designer

It’s not good to leave everything on the designer as the end results can hurt your expectations. So, when you start your project with the designer, discuss with him the output of the project, what you expect and how you want your website to be. From start to finish, give a detailed description of your project and answer all the questions of the designer.

Collaboration is important because if you don’t be open to the requirements, your website can suffer the loss. 

4. Inquire about the Designer

When you have shared the requirements, you need to find out whether the designer is a good fit or not. For this inquiry, consult the previous clients of the designers and ask them to share their experience with the designer. 

If the designer seems to be in a hurry and rush to the payment process then you need to stop and think if he’s worth the hire. Also, check the tone of the designer and measure his interest in the project. 

5. Evaluate the Mockup

When you have selected the designer and settle with the payment, wait for the mockup. After your designer submitted your mockup and you don’t feel satisfied with it, speak about it. If you think that the mockup is above your requirements then discuss it with the designer. If you have additional requirements then you might need to level up the cost because one done with the advance payment, designers are packed with the given requirements.  

6. Know the Designer’s Part

The designer does manage your design and website requirements but he’s not responsible for the copywriting part. Here, you should take the end up by giving the content to the designer. 

Asking him for the copywriting isn’t fair at all because you need a copywriting service to have an SEO friendly content for your website. 

7. Stay in Loop

If you’re making the website for your mobile app development agency or a small startup, it’s important to stay in the loop with the designer. 

You might need to make important decisions for the ongoing project while you stay in the loop. If you leave everything to the designer then you might get upset with the outcomes because he will see things from his perspective rather than yours. 

Take decisions where necessary and stick to the decisions by the end of the project. 

Working with web designers might be time-consuming but if you want your desired outcome you have to follow the cycle. 


Published by Syed Mohammad Anwer

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