The Value of Email in Marketing

The Value of Email in Marketing

Jan 24, 2020, 10:28:36 PM Business

Email marketing is massively popular and not without a good reason. Namely, this form of marketing boasts of being the cheapest and capable of generating up to 4400% in returns!

The stats being alluring, it’s no wonder that everyone uses email marketing, albeit to a various degree of success. For, need we say that email marketing campaigns are only successful if done the right way?

We should always keep in mind that email is, first and foremost, a means of communication. That’s what marketing is all about - getting to know one’s customers and making them feel special.

In line with that, the first message you send to a new subscriber equals a first impression. Stray just a bit and the chance to represent your brand in the best way possible will be lost forever.

Email Campaigns Can Boost ROI Dramatically

When devising an email marketing campaign, it is recommended to consider a couple of stats, as follows:

·        53% of email messages are accessed on mobile devices

·        23% of people who open emails on mobile phones will them again at least once

·        75% of Gmail users check incoming messages on mobile devices

·        70% of mobile phone users re-read their messages at least once

·        Most subscriptions are performed on mobile devices

·        One third of all CTRs occurs on mobile devices

As you can see, mobile users comprise the greatest majority of customers, which means that both your emails and your website (especially the pages linked to in your emails) should be optimized for mobile devices.

On top of not being image-heavy and loading fast, your emails should also mind recommended word counts, font sizes and emojis. Namely, emojis tend to be displayed differently on different devices and OSs. 

Further out, you should also know that people spend ca. 5.4 hours per day checking incoming messages.

But, it is not enough just to make certain that your emails reach customers inboxes rather than their spam folders (by using a trusted email service provider, for example). High open rates are what you should aim for, and open rates depend directly on the quality of the subject line.

Subject lines should announce the offer to follow in the message body, but they should also be short, concise and tempting. Avoid clickbaits at all costs, however. Make certain to always deliver on the promise (announced in the subject line).

Now, some emails are more welcome than others. Newsletters are a great way to keep your customers informed about the forthcoming deals, but they are not necessarily being looked forward to by everyone.

On the other hand, welcome and thank you emails are almost universally read. Remember, people like to feel special and you should not shy away from showing your gratitude. That and personalizing your messages (e.g., by addressing people by their names) will ensure that your future messages are also welcome.

Don’t overstay your welcome, so to speak. Sending too many emails too often is counterproductive. Eventually, everyone gets bored of a full inbox of promotional offers, so mind the timing and frequency when sending emails.
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What Should an Email Look Like?

First of all, make certain that your messages are literate. There are a number of tools that will help you with that task, notably Grammarly, which is free and available as a plug-in, as well as an extension.

Next on, a successful email should start with a greeting, commence with the explanation of the offer announced in the subject line, end with a signature and contact information and feature a call to action and an unsubscribe button.

A call to action should lead the reader to a responsive page on your website, while unsubscribe buttons should be set in place so that people no longer interested in your offer can easily subscribe. Believe it or not, many recipients flag messages as spam simply because they have forgotten they can subscribe.

Targeting and Segmentation

Segmented and targeted campaigns generate ca. 77% of overall ROI, according to various studies. It is crucial to define target audiences and use insights to come up with best possible offers.

It is only natural that not every customer is interested in the same offer, rather the contrary. Make an effort to prepare personalized special deals. You can use previous purchases and browsing history as a reference.

A word of advice: always follow up on cart abandonments. Simply ask the customer what went wrong. In most cases, a technical issue is the reason, and it’s a pity to miss on the opportunity due to an issue that can be easily fixed.

Finally, always be at your best. Treat your customers with the respect they deserve and answer their questions at all times. Note that email marketing campaigns are most successful when advertised on multiple channels, notably via social media. These pages are also the place where the majority of queries will take place, so check them regularly.

Remember that communication remains key to every successful relationship, even if they are virtual!




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