I am Maleficent!

I am Maleficent!

Inspiration is something that can strike you anytime and it could be anything or anyone. Recently I got a chance to see the movie Maleficent. I was quite intrigued by the way the story showed the character and the emotions of one of the world's most dreaded witches in fiction. The rest to give her company include Snow White's Step mother and Hansel and Gretel's witch! 

So here I was, seeing Angelina Jolie play the role with finesse. Man! How I admire the woman for her strong will-power and grace! It led me to write up something as a dedication to her role as Maleficent. The scene which made me do this was, when she decides to fight back, the man whom she loved for his betrayal act. The silent revenge she plots for the cruelty with which he leaves her after cutting off her wings. This one's for you Angelina!!

I am Maleficent!

I trusted your pretense and words,
     When you returned after years,
          With deception in heart, in disguise.

I loved you always, missing you every breath,
     When you stepped in, I thought my love had triumphed,
          I could never have thought, my death was your aim.
You didn't kill my body, but you slayed my soul,
     My love and care for you, changed to hatred forever,
          The good powers within me, you transformed them to evil.
You rejected my love for the reign of land,
     You invited my wrath, while I longed to give you love.
          But now, your destruction is what makes me breathe.
And I will avenge my pain, my tears, my inner death,
     I will never forgive you, for the treachery of yours,
           When you entered my world, with deception in heart!
Do let me know what usually inspires you to write. 
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