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Greetings fellow person!

This is my profile page, if this isn't where you wanted to end up please take a left turn at the next possible exit to bring you back to the starting line. Do not pass go to collect 200$.

Or was it 100$? I was never a big fan of Monopoly, or any board game for that matter.

Regardless! Hello! My name is Taesha. You're probably thinking: "How the heck do you even say that?" Well worry not my little stud muffin, it sounds like Kesha, but, you know, make a 't' sound instead of the 'k'. Obviously.

I am of the female variety, also 23 years of age. I have a dog who's name is Hunter and I love him probably more then anything. My love for him is actually a little irksome at times. Even to myself. I'll make stupid high pitched baby talk to him and have to stop myself because "whoa Tesh, chill, you're annoying as heck."

And there you have it. My biography. It's longer then intended and yet really uninformative. 

You're welcome. 


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