But what if...?

Do you ever think: 'How did I get here?'

Not even just location-wise, though that can be taken into consideration as well, but just in general with your life. 

This would play into a lot of 'what if' moments in your life. "What if I had done this?" or "What if I had done that?" I know people say you shouldn't linger on those questions for too long, if at all really, but you can't help it. It's just something that, every now and then, creeps up to the forefront of your thought process. 

A friend of mine asked if I wanted to go back to her neighborhood yesterday and walk our dogs together.

I know this sentence may seem a little random, but just bear with me, it'll tie in, I promise.

At the time, it had already been a long day and I'd been out on several walks and adventures with Hunter, my dog, and so I respectfully declined. I just wanted to go home and not do anything, maybe throw on a movie or something. I am both glad and extremely upset that I said no.

Her dog got hit by a truck.

His nose and jaw are now broken and he has a surgery scheduled for Monday. 

What if I had said yes to that invitation? Would Hunter be the one who was waiting for surgery? Would both of us avoided this accident because we might not have been at that location at that time? Would the outcome have been the same regardless of my presence?

I won't ever have an answer to these 'what if' scenarios that keep playing in my head. I know this for a fact, yet there's nothing I can do to stop the thought process. 

I'll just have to let this run it's course.

Until the next batch of 'what if' comes around that is.


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