Emotional Constipation

So the other day my mother texts me asking if I wanted to run some errands with her.

I feel like this could be the beginning of a bad joke or something.

Anyway, she texted me, and I was all: Free ride into town to grab things that I also need? Yes please. Though what I actually replied was more along the lines of 'sure, when'. Because we can't have her know I was using her for a ride, can we? (Hola birthgiver!)

We did some stuff, accomplished tasks, and just had a good time.

Well, on the ride back home she asked, as she always does, how my love life is going. And my response is always: "You mean lack-there of."

So what if I don't have a need for romance in my life? I've never been interested in being in a relationship, I enjoy being alone far too much for any of that. Maybe some day if I met the right person, but I don't even want to meet that right person yet. However, this is not the point. I have no interest in relationships and all that jazz, and she knows this, because I tell her every time she asks. 

The point, my dear reader, is what came out of her mouth next. 

She called me emotionally constipated. 

She's completely right, mind you, but that wording! So perfect! So crude. 

I love her. 

Thanks mom.


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