Mother Nature, you slay fall

Now I wouldn't consider myself a very 'active person' per say.

I enjoy exercising just as much as the next person! So really, not at all. 

That being said, I'm also not much of an outdoors-y person.

Bugs and webs and tents, oh my!

Solid pass, hard no.

However, I really enjoy hiking. You wouldn't think it, considering the two previous statements I just made, but I don't know! I just really enjoy hiking. More so when I'm alone with my dog, Hunter. Every now and then, if another fellow hiker wants to come along for the adventure, I don't mind, the more the merrier! As long as I'm in the mood for company. Though most days, it's just Hunter and I.

Those are my favourite days.

Especially as of late, because it's fall (the best time of year) and the sun has started to set earlier, so by the time him and I make it to the end of the trail and up to the lake, the sun is just setting upon it. It's such a lovely sight, I'm completely addicted. 

I'm also very addicted to taking pictures of Hunter. 

My phone is 98% pictures of him. I have no shame. I love it. And now with the whole sunset thing, you can bet your sweet bottom that I am snagging all of those doggy/sun combo shots!

I would gladly post some of said shots, except that I'm not overly tech savvy and have no idea how to do so. 

Welp, sucks to suck, you'll just have to imagine how magical this sight is. Though, just an FYI the overhead image is totally a shot that I took at the lake I mentioned.

And also, shameless promo I guess for those of you who are overly intrigued, I have Instagram and post things there pretty frequently. 


Das me. 

Side note, I definitely just went to look at my Instagram to confirm what my username was. I can never remember things like that apparently.

Anyway, in conclusion, I love sunsets and my dog. 

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