The honest truth, you're welcome

The honest truth, you're welcome

I feel like I should be upfront and honest with you, so here goes nothing.

Here it is, the truth. 

I am hilarious.

And not just any kind of hilarious, the worst kind of hilarious.

That dad joke flow, you feel me?

"I'm hungry." "Hi hungry, I'm dad."

Yes, I'm that person.

Also, puns. Oh how I love puns.

"What kind of street do ghosts live on?"

"Dead ends."

The other day a co-worker of mine was walking towards my general direction with an arm full of sweaters. You know what I said?

"Ew, don't come near me, you're all sweaty."

Honestly, what comes out of my mouth is comedy gold.

You're welcome.


Published by Taesha Andrew


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