Winter is Doctor Doom, basically

I know that fall is a favourite season for most people.

That's a given, it's beautiful and sweater weather begins. It's my favourite season as well, I can't help it. It's just so, magical. 

However, I suppose you could call fall by another name.

For those of you who just thought: 'Yeah, autumn." Well, you aren't wrong but no, that's not what I'm getting at.

I've been referring it as 'the calm before the storm.'

Apparently this year is suppose to be the absolute worst winter ever. Which is terrifying. I live in Northern Ontario, Canada, I've seen and experienced some pretty brutal winters. But I've never feared winter. Ever. It's always been my second favourite season. 

Except this year, I'm terrified. 

I can't even really explain it, because last year everyone said that that would be the worst winter ever. And don't get me wrong, it was bad, but I never had a sense of impending doom.


I'm such an old person. I'm so sorry. 

Anyway, since we've gotten this far I might as well finish.

The point being, I have a gut instinct that this next season is going to be awful and unforgettable.    

As Ned Stark always said: "Winter is Coming."

Famous last words. 

Published by Taesha Andrew


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