It's a wrap // Presents

It's a wrap // Presents

Hello guys! And Happy New Year!

That’s a wrap on the holidays! How quick did they pass once again? It’s unbelieveable… 2017? We’re getting old guys! Anyways, I’m extremely happy with all the presents I received this year during the holidays, thanks fam❤.

I’m going to share my lovely presents with you but I’m equally excited as to what YOU got for Christmas this year, you can comment below or tag me in your pictures on social media using the #TakeAShotPresents and I’ll gladly take a look🙂


– Ted Baker –

Each year I write down everything I want on a Christmas List, and with everything I mean EVERYTHING. From the biggest to the smallest things I want, I of course know the expensive gifts probably won’t make it under the tree but you know I might get lucky andddd this year I got lucky!

My mom gave me this absolutely stunning Ted Baker bag. It’s like light purple-ish on the outside with rose gold detail and a smaller pink bag on the inside. It’s so


– Light Box –

A light box is something I’ve always wanted, it’s cute, you can write whatever you want and it’s great for your instagram feed! (yes, that’s important). You get all the letters inside with it which is pretty handy and you only need to put in batteries to make it work. #love


– Name Necklace –

My aunt and uncle gave me something I absolutely had no idea of I was ever going to receive. They got me a necklace with my name on, it’s silver and the first letter sparkles, I loveeee sparkle. That gift was so so so so nice and lovely of them.


– Perfume –

Another present I got from my aunt and uncle is perfume. Perfume is a delicate gift, you never really know if the person you give it to is actually going to like it. I must admit I’m a difficult person when it comes to perfume because I hate fruit sents in every way possible, from chewing gum to candles to shampoo to perfume BUT that luckily wasn’t the case haha. The packaging is also so cool, it’s a heel! I love it, it’s so creative. It’s by a brand called Style Heel New York (by Jean Pierre Sand).


– Gift Card –

Last but by no means least, my dad got me a gift card of my favourite decoration shop – Maisons Du Monde – which I’m super happy about because as you might know, my room is special to me and I want it to be perfect and super cosy. So thanks dad!


That was it, that was everything I received these holidays and I’m very happy with it! Remember to tag me using #TakeAShotPresents because I would love to see what you got!

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