When We Came Alive

It’s a cold and dreary Tuesday morning.

I’m huddled beneath a blanket at my writing desk, my little heater running at full blast and a bowl of steaming hot oats before me. With my iPad propped up on a mountain of books, the Bible app open, I’m ready to take my usual walk through the book of Romans. You see this was not my first walk through Romans, definitely not the first time I had encountered this particular chapter and verse but this time, with my salivary glands working double time and me all warm and cozy beneath the cocoon I had made of a blanket I saw something I hadn’t before. I saw Life, and it was different.

Up until that moment, in my own myopic view of things, the new life equaled freedom from sin; nothing more, end of story. It was this incomplete view of this life given to us that kept me from seeing the bigger picture. Here’s the bigger picture:

“Here it is in a nutshell: Just as one person did it wrong and got us in all this trouble with sin and death, another person did it right and got us out of it. But more than just getting us out of trouble, he got us into life! –Romans 5:18 (MSG).

That was when it hit me! I had been looking at things all wrong; I was so focused on the little picture - freedom from sin - that I could not see the gloriously elaborate one He had so meticulously and lovingly painted out – freedom from sin all wrapped up within the gift of Life! Life filled with vitality, vigour and energy; life filled with purpose. You see I realized that I had taken this gift of salvation, thrown it into a box and put a nice little label on it that reads, “Key to overcoming sin – must not be used for anything other than this purpose”. What I failed to see is that when we came alive, we came to a life that is so full, so wide, so all-encompassing that to circumscribe it to just that one thing and function in it with just that one thing in mind is to rob ourselves of the wealth that has been deposited in our custody. The life that has been given to us does not just pull us out of the clutches of sin and death; it thrusts us into a process of living out our purpose and the essence of our existence.

When we came alive, we came to a life of contentment; contentment in the fact that daily, side by side with His Spirit, we are working towards being reflections of God; perfect even as He is perfect. We are working towards being reflections of His holiness, of His love and of His excellence. We came alive to a life that is so real, almost as if it had hands and legs, it pushes and prods us forward, nudging us towards purpose and complete surrender to the Creator. When we came alive, we came to a great discovery; a discovery of the wealth of potential that had been deposited in us from the dawn of time such that even if we began to mine and dig we would probably only have succeeded in scratching the surface before we are called home.

So sitting all curled up in that chair on a dreary Tuesday morning, my bowl of oats already gone cold, I saw Life and I understood that when we came alive it wasn’t just an escape from trouble.

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