Creative Ways To Reinvent Yourself

Creative Ways To Reinvent Yourself

Sep 11, 2020, 7:44:23 AM Life and Styles

Many things have changed since the start of 2020. People will now have to adopt a new normal where there are lesser interactions, and we all have to comply with social distancing guidelines. In retrospect, the world has been evolving. The technology that we use every day gets replaced by something better almost every year. It only makes sense that once in a while, we too must reinvent ourselves. Reinventing yourself is more than just changing the way you look but also involves changing the way people see you. That will require more than what meets the eye. Here are some creative ways on how you can achieve just that. 

Pack in some smile

Try looking at recent posts and videos of you on your phone. You may not know it, but you could have been encouraging others to have a depressive mood by not smiling so much. This year has brought a lot of reason for anyone to feel a little bit blue, but that is definitely something you should not allow to get into your system and even more affect the people around you. Start practising and training yourself to bring in more of that positive light. 

Eat Healthier

Most people neglect the impact of their health on their mood and their overall personality. Changes in our levels of wellness can go a long way in affecting how we interact with others. The best way to reinvent yourself is to always start by investing in your body. If you have been packing on extra weight from having an unhealthy diet, changing that should be your primary focus. Diets such as  حمية الكيتو are increasingly becoming popular with the number of people who have tried it and have experienced positive results. 

Update your fashion sense 

Without you consciously doing it, you might be dragging out the 90s with your baggy jeans and plaid tops. A little updating in your style can also affect how you relate with other people. 

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Talk Smarter

This does not mean you have to be constantly talking about the complex principles of quantum physics 24/7. Simply tuning in to shows with more relevant to current events and focused on topics of social importance will help you steer conversations to more meaningful discussions. If you have been listening to a lot of pop and rap music recently, it can be easy to unconsciously use informal language. Try to put any effort in speaking in complete sentences, and you will slowly sound smarter even to your own ear. 

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