Moss is The Decor Fad of 2022

Live Moss Bowls

Moss is The Decor Fad of 2022

Shade Mosses provides you with a variety of color schemes and plant choices. You can upgrade your lawn to a luxurious carpeted area by adding moss to your shade garden. It can make a perfect place to relax and enjoy peace and tranquility. Moss centerpieces are the "Farmhouse Trend" in 2022. On HGTV some upscale interior designers pay as much as $2200 for a bowl of live moss to display in the rich and famous homes of some of Hollywood's leading actors.

Choose mosses that thrive and add to your shade garden design to get the most out of your garden. There are many beautiful mosses to choose from, but of course, we have our favorites! For example, there are several of our favorite shade mosses for you to consider, including:

Carpet Moss

  • It is a green cushion cover for the earth's contour. This natural carpet moss is beautiful and serves as a habitat for many species of plants. It is the perfect accent for any outdoor design or landscaping project.
  • This moss is a green layer that creates a moss-like texture over a repaired or existing carpet. This product is green and gives a sense of drama to your own home.
  • It has a long, straight stem and shiny, oval leaves. It is a unique green for drawing attention to the earth's contour and adding a sense of drama to any space. The moss also has some interesting properties; it contains alkaloids from the soil and is very durable.
  • There is a moss that needs your help. These plants grow into a living carpet. These plants are so caring that once they get established in your yard, they will help keep it clean and healthy with their rootless growth and even help to clean up pollution.

Cushion Moss

  • Cushion moss is the perfect accent for any garden! Cushion Moss has a low-water requirement and will grow in most soil types. It also thrives in partial shade and moist areas, so you don't have to worry about watering it too often.
  • This product is easy to maintain and can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • Moss is a ground covering plant with a slight fuzzy appearance, used as an ornamental ground cover. It can be used in areas where lawns are not desirable.
  • There is nothing quite like moss. It's like nature's carpet. The cushion moss creates a soft and soothing look wherever it is placed.

Sheet Moss

  • Add a splash of lushness to your yard with these moss-covered sheets. 
  • This moss is a plant that has been used for a long time as a natural fertilizer. It is perfect for creating natural habitats. It is also ideal for making a less than appealing area green and vibrant once again.
  • Sheet moss is a decorative plant that's perfect for a cushion. It feels like a carpet, and it's great for the soil. It's also a great plant when it comes to water conservation as it acts as a fertilizer.
  • Sheet Moss grows in a pattern, so you'll never have to worry about finding the perfect shape for your flowerbeds. It can also be used as an additional decoration inside tanks, ponds, or anything else that needs a little greenery.

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