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Social Media Today

Hey guys,

How is everything going?! Don't you guys just love the weather?!....well not really if you are in England with me. The weather is forever on its menopause, thinking we want a taste of what is to come for summer and yet pours down like we are in a dessert the following day like...really?!

But anyway let me not get side tracked.*Roll eye emoji* Hahah, anyway so as we know it, this day and age has been driven by social media. There is not a soul that doesn't have either Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or even Vine...oh wait Vine is no longer. But you get me..right?! 

So please can someone tell me why all of a sudden all these apps that used to be different, i.e on would be used to post what you were thinking, the other the picture where you slayed the party before and another used to communicate with friends abroad. Now all of a sudden are the you can now snap what you are doing on Snapchat, Whatsapp, and Instagram. And then you can do live videos on Facebook and Instagram. And you can use them ALL to message. Like lets give up and just use iMessage and Facetime, seeing as nearly all of us own an iPhone.

Is it just me or am I over exaggerating?!


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