A Tribute to Go-Go Music

A Tribute to Go-Go Music

Oct 2, 2016, 11:17:25 PM Entertainment

A Tribute to Go-Go Music

Gogo.  A genre of music that 95% of the country is unaware of.
a sound that cuts straight to your core.
A beat that is so infectious, that you can't choose to move or not, your body will do so involuntarily.

I am one year into a cross country move from Maryland to Arizona, which I am enjoying every minute of.
Every once in a while, my playlist will generously provide me with a sweet little cowbell.
That cowbell means one thing, Go-Go Music.

There are congos, drums and call and response.  It's a party unlike any other.
I am not familiar with types of African music, but my heart tells me that this is just what it would be like.
I am in my late 40's so my recommendations would be Rare Essence (The Wickedest Band Alive) & Junkyard Band.
It's quite possible that the first few times that you listen to this music-you may tilt your head and be confused.
It's very unconventional, but believe me it will grow on you.

My personal favorite would be Rare Essence, Pieces of Me
But there's also a great Adele cover of Hello by the Backyard Band.

So, in honor of all of my fellow go-go fans that have moved on to other places across this USA, we salute our Go-Go music.
We shout out our go-go venues: The Mirage, The Ibex, The Black Hole, The East Side.  We salute our go-go festivals: Georgia Avenue Day and H Street Festival
We send love to our go-go bands: Rare Essence, Junkyard Band, Backyard Band, Proper Utensils, Huck-a-bucks.  
And we send a special shout out to our front line-Chuck Brown (RIP), Lil Benny (RIP), Genghis, James Funk & Buggs.

I am happy to see bands still performing, songs still being made, groups still being formed.
We are here, we support your work.
Just know that if you are ever in Arizona, you may just hear the faint sound a congos coming from my car.
That would be me, thinking of my home.  The Original Chocolate City, Washington DC.





Published by Tanika Belis

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