Are You Satisfied?

Are You Satisfied?

Oct 2, 2016, 11:24:05 PM Creative


what if everyone just did what they wanted to do for a living?
what if everyone actually enjoyed their career?
what if everyone actually threw caution to the wind and chased their passions?

Do you know what would happen?
You could walk into the grocery store and you would notice almost immediately, the
kindness and love of your neighbor.  The older that I get, the more that I meet people that move
farther and farther away from what they would actually love to see themselves doing.

I think that it makes one hardened, even bitter.  There is a sort of dissapointment
in yourselves, kids.  It's that one person that always shouts out negative comments during a staff meeting, you know the guy.
It's the driver with road rage, she wants to make you as miserable as she feels right now.
The neighbor that refuses to speak, trust me, there's a story there.

It's one thing to have a bad day, quite another to carry on through life with the attitude of
hatred and anger that I am seeing on the news and in my average day.  

I'm starting to think that if there was a way to stop someone and give an impromptu interview, I
would not be surprised to find that the harsh construction worker wanted to be a violinist, or the bitter cashier
dreamt of being a tennis player, or the mean little old lady at motor vehicles used to be a stunning model and had to give up that
dream in order to help her parents pay bills by working at the gas station. Well, I may be over dramatizing the situation, but you get the point.  

I have been on a journey for the past year.  As a 40-something that is trying to reinvent myself, the more that I take a step towards my goals, the
more that I meet like minded people that are calm, happy and non-combative.  Possibly because I am calm, happy and non-combative.

I'm currently in the Information Technology field.  I am a Fine Arts major and I always had a fascination with Fashion Merchandising.  
I have to say, after 15 years in a field that I have no connection to-I find myself becoming the person that is a little bitter because this work just
doesn't resonante with me at all.  I'm bitter with myself.
I'm bitter that I allowed myself to live within a career that is so very far away from what I would consider my genuine self.

As I ask around, I know that this is a thing.
I would urge you to think about your situation.  
One small step towards your goal will make you surprisingly happy.
Meditate, try to think about what you would like your life to be.
It will come to you.
If nobody believes in you, know that I do.  I understand and I am in this fight with you.
I know that there are bills and you have to plan for retirement and your daughter's school is pretty expensive.
But, I also know that there is a way to feed your genuine self.
Quiet your mind and it will come to you.
Step by step, we can do it, kids.

Here's to a future of people that are living a life that they love.


Published by Tanika Belis

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