Dear Husbands: Sex Does Not Equal Love

Dear Husbands: Sex Does Not Equal Love

Jun 12, 2016, 2:12:34 PM Life and Styles

Dear Husbands,

We love you dearly.  We blush when we see your handsome face, we love spending time with you and we even enjoy having sex with you. 


I speak for mommies of the globe in saying that after 8 hours of work, two hours of dinner prep/dinner/cleanup, another hour of conversation with our children.....we don't exactly feel like the sexy siren that you remember us being before children.

We cherish with our lives and our relationship, but physically pushing a human out of our bodies literally turned us into a different people.  We think about this little person all day and night.  We want to make sure that they are clean, well fed and well taken care of at all times. The right schools, summer camps and activities take lots of effort.  Meal planning & preparation take time.  We are lucky if we shower before we fall face first in the bed.  Those back rubs that you give at night are just enough to lull us to sleep. 

We apologize. We were not prepared or warned how things would change in the bedroom. Be patient.

We don't like feeling that you are not sexually satisfied but also don't have the energy to participate in said activities nightly.

We hope you understand.  We know that as our children grow older, we can start a new routine, one that involves us spending more romantic time together. 

I think that what we should do is maybe just plan a nice movie night or perhaps salsa lessons? A hot air balloon ride sounds fun, yes?

We love you.  Husbands are awesome and children are too.

We can find a happy medium.


Your Wives

Published by Tanika Belis

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