The Most Fabulous Dinner Party, Who's on Your List?

The Most Fabulous Dinner Party, Who's on Your List?

Sandra Bernhard

Bevy Smith

Michelle Obama


Tasha Smith

Maya Rudolph

Tracee Ellis Ross

Courtney Love

GirlBoss Sophia Amoruso

Amy Schumer

Ira Glass

Anthony Bourdain

Marcus Samuelsson

Have you ever been listening to someone speak, all the while imagining what it would be like to have this person sitting in your home at your dining table?  Face to face, eye to eye.

I compiled a list of my favorite 12 people.  I would love to have them over one night for dinner.


I’ve been consumed by this lately.  It’s pretty maddening.  These are very busy people, what arrogance to even dream of such a thing!

But isn’t it a glorious mental exercise?  So, as I glide through the house, I imagine what our conversations would be like, is it unrealistic to think that everyone would get along?  How would I dress for such an occasion?  I spend my days in Levi’s & Converse so maybe this is the time to pull out something shimmery and flowy.  Something grown up.  A little mascara and a good matte lipstick never hurt anyone.


How would I elevate the conversation for this dinner party?  Is there any one date that everyone would magically be available?

And what dinner music should I line up?  Classical may be too predictable.  Disco maybe?  Oh ok so Frank Sinatra and Nancy Wilson may be a good idea here, sprinkled with a little studio 64.

Mirror ball not included.


I had to put on my thinking cap for this one, kids.  I invited my friends over for an impromptu red carpet dinner.  I imagine with each phone call, once the words slid out of my mouth; each friend giving the phone a smirk and a side-eye….wondering what on earth I’m up to this time. They all agree to come -sans husbands.  So there you have it…it’s a party!


Each friend has an assignment.  With each invite, they are given a heroine to channel-in attire and attitude.

This is essentially my fantasy tea party all grown up.  After long hours of tedious reports, boring meetings and excel spreadsheet, we all need a bit of fantasy, No?


As the day approaches, I think about my wardrobe for the big night. Hmm, This light bulb needs to be replaced, what about a new doormat? “Honey, do you think we need new hand towels for the guest bathroom?”

While I putter around the house, preparing for my real life costume party-I realize that I am saturated with pure panic.   

“Get a Hold of yourself Madame!” I tell myself in front of a hallway mirror.  A few deep breaths and some tapping and we’re back!


So, I’ve been a vegan for 6 months and I feel great.  My friends are organic meat eaters but are open to try new things, just as long as it’s tasty.  I’m not judging.

So I have tasty wraps and fruits and quinoa salads out the yin yang.  A full spread, kids with merlot and fresh blueberry lemonade and some grilled peaches with coconut whipped cream and pistachios for dessert.

It’s a feast for the ages.

My friends arrive… the music is low, flowers are fresh and the lighting is flattering.  Everyone is in character, but after a few glasses of wine, we are just the girls again.

Sinatra has turned into Pitbull and everyone is back to being themselves.  This is fun.

It’s a great dinner party.  Michelle Obama & Amy Schumer would have been great guests, but my friends understand me.

They expect the unexpected and if I am being ridiculous, they will keep me grounded by letting me know so.

And that is fine by me, after all I have to work tomorrow.


Published by Tanika Belis

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