Global Facial Injectable Market 2020-2027 Research Analysis

Global Facial Injectable Market 2020-2027 Research Analysis

Jun 18, 2021, 10:29:22 AM Life and Styles

The expansion, as calculated by Market Research Future (MRFR) for The Global Facial Injectable Market is predicting a 13.2% CAGR during the forecast period (2016-2021). MRFR claims that the market could garner USD 9.04 billion by the end of 2021. Global Facial Injectable Market Information, by Types (Botulinum Toxin, Hyaluronic Acid, polymers & Particles, and Collagen) by Application (Facial Line Correction Treatment, Face-Lift, Lip Treatments and others) - Forecast to 2021


The Global Facial Injectable Market is profiting much from the entertainment industry. These injectables are mostly known as dermal fillers influencing facial appearance. Specialists are favoring it more than the surgical procedures. The market is getting mostly driven by the demand for aesthetic upliftment. Mostly, it is common among women of 35 to 60 years. However, the market is getting substantial push from men as well as many are now registering for such procedures. The process is further getting highlighted by the growing demand for non-surgical procedures. On the flipside, stringent regulations imposed by governments can hinder the expected growth rate of the facial injectable market. Side-effects are also a concern for many owing to which the market may find itself a bit bogged down. 

Segmental Analysis:

MRFR’s analysis of the facial injectable market includes segments based on type and application. This report includes data based on both volume and value. 

Based on type, the global facial injectable market can be segmented into hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, collagen, and polymers & particles. Among these, the polymers & particles segment can be segmented further into calcium hydroxylapatite, poly-l-lactic acid, and polymethylmethacrylate. The hyaluronic acid segment is expected to gain substantial traction due to its use as a dermal filler in the cosmetic procedure. It can retain water significantly owing to which the market would witness widespread application. 

Based on application, the global facial injectable market can be segmented into facial line correction treatment, face-lift, lip treatments, and others. The influence of the entertainment industry has boosted the number of people opting for such treatments. 

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Competitive Landscape:

Several companies are listed in the report on the facial injectables market studied by MRFR. The report has a special focus on latest contributions made by these companies for a better understanding of the market. Their strategic moves can influence the market for a holistic growth and ensure their individual standing. 

  • Integra Lifesciences
  • Sanofi
  • Allergan
  • Merz Pharma
  • Sinclair
  • Galderma
  • Suneva Medical
  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals
  • SciVision Biotech Inc

Regional Analysis:

Geographically, as MRFR report suggests, the facial injectable market encapsulates namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Rest-of-the-World (RoW). The report aims at revealing growth pockets that can help analysts in predicting the coming years in a much more definitive way. 

The growth in North America depends on mostly the infrastructural superiority and easy integration of technology in the main frame. This has given the region an unprecedented edge over the rest with which the market can dominate the global facial injectable market. The region is anticipating a growth that would help it scale a valuation of USD 3.42 billion over the review period. 

The APAC region is witnessing a surge in people registering for such treatments owing to the increasing exposure to social media and entertainment. The region has a huge population base which is also spurring the growth in the market. At the same time, rising disposable income is providing tailwind to the regional market. Countries such as India and China are providing substantial traction to the market, however, the region is getting a bit daunted by the high cost associated with the treatment. 

Europe’s market is quite similar like North America and the presence of major market leaders in both regions is providing thrust that is much-needed for the regional market’s sustenance. The entertainment industry can be given much credit for this as it has been noticed that the rise of cosmetic surgery has a linear relationship with bandwidth of the internet.


In April 2019

Allergan launched Juvederm VOLUX which is a hyaluronic acid injectable gel using the VYCROSS technology. This will allow practitioners to work impactfully on the chin and jaw area that would give a well-defined shape to the face lasting 18-24 months. 


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