Bathroom Renovation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Bathroom Renovation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Aug 28, 2021, 4:12:10 PM Business

Bathroom renovation mistakes come in numerous colors, sizes as well as shapes. A bathroom needs to serve particular needs and doing so with an enjoyable atmosphere as well as a nice aesthetic. Starting the bathroom renovation project with a plan as well as a reliable partner could foresee as well as prevent the remodeling mistakes. While styles, colors, and textures are largely subjective, there are certain mistakes you need to avoid

Not Paying Attention to Place for Water Flow

A badly designed bathroom could lead to numerous water issues. improper layout, as well as spacing, could impact the drainage system of your bathroom. Therefore, it is crucial to consider where used water goes. You could consider tile in the shower. Is it angled appropriately for moving toward the drain?


You need to consider the placement of the showerhead as well as the glass shower door. Would you need to get in the shower physically for turning it on? In case you have a big walk-in shower, would you incorporate a hand shower? Handheld showerheads not only provide convenience while showering but also while cleaning shower walls.


Poor Ventilation

Not paying attention to proper ventilation could lead to problems in the future because of excessive moisture as well as potential mold growth. You would be trapped in humidity as well as spurring the growth of mildew. Paint, metal fixtures, and grout could also deteriorate in penetrating humidity. For this, installing an appropriately-sized exhaust fan would be helpful.


Not Accounting for Storage

In case you are planning to hold the same footprint, it is crucial to consult an expert to know the way to maximize the storage space. While minimalist designs are in trend, you would wish to incorporate space for storing linens as well as personal items. In case you have the heart set on the pedestal sink, consider making arrangements for the items that sat in the cabinetry previously.

Dull Lighting

It is worth noting that wrong lighting could cast intense shadows when you look in the mirror. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the light is crucial. It is advised to consider your vanity’s size as well as the positioning of the light fixtures. 

In case you are sacrificing the light fixtures for the fancy mirrors consider hiring a reputed bathroom renovation company in Melbourne like Aqua Force Bathrooms. With the help of suppliers as well as expertise, they would source the right appliances, products, and materials that suit your requirements. 

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