Awesome Blogs Roundup: 5 Articles That Will Get You Thinking

Awesome Blogs Roundup: 5 Articles That Will Get You Thinking

Sep 27, 2016, 5:28:17 PM Viral

In today's roundup of interesting web content, we learn how to read a book a week, how people become ideas, and that intelligence and ration aren't necessarily the same. We also get some good tips on learning faster and that old chestnut, beating procrastination...



When I actually find a book I like, I can't put it down but honestly, months go by sometimes where I'm not reading something new. Good tips in this article include the simple act of leaving a book of choice where you like to relax.



Research has shown that intelligent people can make irrational decisions based on previous bias. The good news is that with training we can learn to become more rational. Could someone offer this training to our politicians?


When A Person Becomes An Idea (A Life Of Productivity)


A very agreeable piece from, the phrase 'larger than life' came to mind whilst reading this. We turn on the news first thing in the morning to stories of politicians and celebs and so it goes on throughout the day. The truth is, they are all mundane human beings like you and I. We know who Hilary Clinton is but we don't what a day in the life of Hilary Clinton looks like. Personally, I don't believe that not knowing such people intimately detracts from the often terrible decisions they make but I do accept that, yes, they are human.



A decent short read on the Shopify blog with some genuinely useful tidbits. I try to apply these in my daily routine. What I find especially useful is forcing myself to learn new things. I've been the worst of procrastinators in my time. It's a dark place I don't wish to go back to. Another important tool is taking notes, something I've recently rediscovered, and by taking notes I mean writing them down if you can. It works wonders



Upon reading the above title, you may think 'easier said than done' and you'd be right. I suffer from all the pitfalls mentioned in this Zapier blog. The fear of hard work and brain drain kills me, I don't know where to start, and I lack motivation. But, funnily enough, I found I was doing one of the suggested 'hacks' in this article already. I stack my to-do list each day. Inevitably, things end up carrying over to the next day but I usually manage to get a fair bit done and feel a bit better about it.


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