Expert Tips to Clean & Maintain Leather Bags at Home

cleaning leather bags at home

It is very easy to clean a leather bag. The methods are really simple and can be done at home. They will also allow you not to irreparably stain your bag. So, learn how to clean and maintain your leather bags to make them last longer.

Cleaning a regular leather bag

  1. Wipe the dirty area with a clean, damp cloth. Then rub the stain to moisten it, but without soaking it.
  2. Moisten your cloth with a cleaning product. You can buy a product to clean your leather bag. Often, these products are sold as cleaning kits. You can also prepare your cleaner yourself by pouring a few drops of mild soap into distilled water, such as unscented dish soap or baby soap.
  3. Remove the stain by rubbing it a second time with a soft cloth. Try to operate with the grain of the leather. So, you protect your bag more easily.
  4. Wipe off soap scum or excess product with a clean, dry cloth. For now, don't worry about drying the bag.
  5. Let the bag dry for about 30 minutes. Avoid speeding up the process by using a hair dryer. If you don't have time, place the bag in front of a fan. The effect of cold air will be less severe than that of hot air.
  6. Apply a moisturizer. Proceed with the operation after the bag has dried using a soft cloth. Rub in circular motions to introduce the moisturizer into the leather. This product will help maintain the suppleness and softness of the leather. Above all, do not use regular hand lotion, as this will damage and stain your bag.
  7. You can also take your leather bag to a dry cleaner. This will help restore the texture and shine of the leather more easily.

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Cleaning a patent leather bag

  1. Start with water. Sometimes it only takes a little water to remove light marks, such as fingerprints or scratches. Simply dampen an absorbent paper, cotton ball or cotton swab with water and wipe the stain to remove it.
  2. Use window cleaner on more stubborn stains. If you don't get results with water, you can try a glass cleaner. This product usually comes in a spray bottle. Cleaning involves spraying cleaning product on the affected area. Then simply wipe off the stain with a cloth or paper towel.
  3. Treat stains and discolored areas with petroleum jelly. Dip a cotton swab or paper towel in a little petroleum jelly. Then, wipe off the stain using small circular motions. This method is effective on spots resulting from color transfer.
  4. Use denatured alcohol on more stubborn discolorations and stains. Soak a cotton ball or cotton swab in denatured alcohol. Then gently buff the stain in circular motions. If it is a stubborn stain, you can try removing it with nail polish remover. Be sure to clean off the remover at the end of the operation. Keep in mind that a remover of this kind is much more aggressive than alcohol and may change the appearance of your bag.
  5. Remove superficial stains with an adhesive tape. It is simply a matter of removing a stain that adheres to the surface. Take a piece of tape, stick it on the stain, then peel off the tape sharply. This method is very effective on lipstick stains, scratches and mascara spots.

Cleaning the inside of a leather bag

  1. Completely empty the bag. Take out all the items inside and set them aside. Take the opportunity to sort the discovered pens and throw them away.
  2. Turn your bag upside down and shake it. In this way, you will succeed in clearing it of the dust and debris that has accumulated on it. You can do this over a trash can.
  3. Clean the inside of your bag with a brush roller. Lay the bag flat, then pull on the liner. Roll the brush, then turn the bag over to clean the other side. If your bag is large enough, you can insert the brush roll without pulling on the liner. If you don't have a brush roll, use masking tape to collect dust and debris.
  4. Vacuum the inside of your bag. Lay your bag on the floor. Attach the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner hose to the trim or clip of the removable fabric brush. Hold the nozzle inside the bag and vacuum up the debris. Set the vacuum cleaner to low power to avoid damaging the trim.
  5. Clean a dirty liner with a mixture of water and vinegar. Combine one-part white vinegar and one-part hot water in a bowl. Dip a clean rag into the mixture, then squeeze the rag to remove excess water. Then wipe the inside of your bag with the cloth.
  6. Use baking soda to deodorize your bag. Open a jar of baking soda and secure it in an upright position inside the bag. Leave it in place overnight, then remove it from the bag the next day. You will find that the baking soda has absorbed almost all of the bad smells.

The top of the pot should be under the opening of your bag. If the bag is too small to hold the jar, pour a small amount of baking soda into a cup.

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