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I'm a 27 year old gal living the good life in Toronto, Ontario. I'm currently working in the Financial District down town, and writing as much as possible on the side.


I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2013, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film Studies and Cultural Studies. I've always dreamed of working in the film and television industry, but my recent exposure to veganism has taken my life into a whole new direction.


My writing is focused on exploring the Plant-Based Lifestyle, and exposing this counter-culture for all of its wonderful worth. I believe that challenging contemporary ideologies, and inspiring individual thought can have a positive impact on the world. 


From delicious vegan recipes, to personal opinion pieces, my aim is to encourage real change, and form lasting connections with my readers. Although I may be a bit of an introvert, my mind is always running - introspection and self-reflection are very important to me.


I really enjoy learning new things, and getting to know others through intellectual conversation. I also adore all animals, and take advantage of every opportunity to spend time with them. My dog is basically my child, so you will definitely get to know him through my writing too!


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Check out my Blog http://plantbasedrantspace.wordpress.com

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