Vegan Chick’n Fajitas

Vegan Chick’n Fajitas

Is the cold winter weather starting to get you down?

Why not heat up the kitchen this week with some spicy vegan fajitas?!

This Mexican dish is a great option for any busy weeknight, and the final product will leave you feeling full and satisfied for hours. 

The prep work in this recipe is incredibly quick and easy, which means you’ll have more time unwind after a long day of work. 

I recently discovered some shops that carry all kinds of vegan meat, so I wanted to incorporate some of the chick’n that I purchased. If you’re not a fan of vegan meat, no need to fret. You can easily substitute an extra portion of veggies or beans to complete the recipe measurements. 

The most important things to focus on are the spices, the grilling, and the taste. These fajitas are oh, so delicious! 

The best thing about this dish is that there are so many ways to make it your own. I highly recommend adding white rice, topping with vegan cheese and hot sauce, then finishing it all off with some vegan sour cream. 

If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, they make a great lunch option for the next day. You can really save yourself some time and dollars with the holiday season approaching if you make smart food choices. 

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Makes: 4 servings 


300g of Meat-Free Chick’n Strips

1 Package of Vegan Tortillas

3 Portobello Mushrooms

1 Medium White Onion

1 Red Bell Pepper 

2 Tablespoons of Fajita Spice Mix

2 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*Optional: White Rice 2 Cups Uncooked needed for this recipe


1. In a small frying pan, pour 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and turn heat onto high. 

2. Slice the portobellos mushrooms into long pieces, and place them into the pan. After cooking for a few minutes, rotate the mushrooms so that both sides cook through crispy and evenly. 

3. In a large frying pan, pour another tablespoon of olive oil, and turn burner onto high heat. Once hot, pour in the package of chick’n slices, and allow to brown. 

4. Slice the onion and pepper into long, thin pieces, and place them into the large pan with the chick’n. 

5. Next, add in the crispy portobellos. 

6. Spoon in the fajita mixture, and incorporate everything together well. Add in a few tablespoons of water so that the spices can coat everything evenly. 

7. Continue cooking for 5 minutes, and then remove from heat. 

8. Grab a tortilla, and spoon on some cooked rice (if you chose to make it). Pour a quarter of the fajita mixture on top, and fold the tortilla in half. 

9. Heat up a clean frying pan, and place the assembled tortilla onto the surface. Cook for approximately 1 minute per side, or until slightly crispy. 

10. Slide the finished fajita onto a place, and enjoy! 

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