Learn about various types of Pharmaceutical Equipment

Learn about various types of Pharmaceutical Equipment

Jun 15, 2018, 5:25:49 AM Life and Styles

CSV-A Capsule Separator

The equipment automatically retrieves products from hard gelatin granules. The body and the cap usually filled with capsules, separates to salvage pellets, powders including round-shaped micro-tablets. This is an upgrade from the conformist non-GMP sieving and milling techniques.

In most cases, the ergonomic designs come with changeable parts that are effortless to clean and maintain for sterility levels essential in the pharmaceutical manufacturing. Moreover, they are less raucous and easy to use across the industry.

However expensive, Capsule separators are common in industrial facilities to assist jettison wasteful powder materials. They are also inbuilt with safety features. They are often movable equipmentof required standards to help such facilities to comply seamlessly with cGMP.

Blister packing machine                                                                                       

These machines are effective in packing tablets, injection solutions, capsules, syringes and much other lab or hospital equipment. It is also explicitly designed to handle PVC blister packs and an alternative for Alu foil blister packs. Just in case adjustment is necessary, the machine settings can be modifiedfor ideal heat sealing and shaping.

Bottoming packaging line

These are pharmaceutical equipment frequently used in industries to produce medicinal products, pesticides among other diverse applications. The machine utilizes electromagnetic induction technology to hermetically seal the surface of analuminum foil smoothly. This is achieved by making sure the aluminum foil tightly adheres to the mouth of the bottle, courtesy of rapid heat releases. 

To meet cGMP set standards, the machines are typically made of superior quality stainless steel material and come with a variable drive motor and speed regulation.


Pharmaceutical manufacturing industries find it necessary to coat pills, capsules, tablets including candies of an organic film, and other controlled release films. This is where coating machines come in, thanks to their ease to clean, reduced material wastage, high-efficiency and low energy consumption.

Using a streamlined guide plate, tablets routinely make detour rotations inside an enclosed spinning pan for effective film coating. In the process, an automated system sprays a coating solution according to set hi-tech procedures and restrictions. To ensure that the coating solution sprayed on tablet cores dries instantly, rapid air is released from the lower layers into the closed spinning pan. Consequently, solid and smooth tablets are produced before conveyed to the subsequent stages.

Pharmaceutical ovens

Hot air circulation technology is widely used in pharmaceuticals, chemical, nutraceutical and many other related industrial manufacturing. These ovens provide regulated air flow through systems and trays that require the infrared heat or vapor for boiler heating purposes. Once fresh air enters the oven via a specially designed air inlet, it is directed to the supplements before drained out of a hole to help do away with superfluous moisture.

Resultantly, the frequent air supply through the system maintains required humidity in the Pham oven. To make sure this equipment utilizes the hot air generated by the axial flow blower to the heat exchanger, it is specially recycled inside the oven. This enhances heat conduction and high-energy efficiency.

In addition,engineering is dedicated to the ventilation to support temperature regulation requirements.

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