What are the Difference between a Canoe and a Kayak?

Kayak & Canoe are lightweight small boat used for fishing, traveling or a different type of water sports. Comparing this two is quite confusing because most of the thing is similar and you will find their activities are similar as well. But there has the little basic difference between this two that will help you understanding the facts about best inflatable Kayak & Canoe. In this handy post, we will list few points that help you understanding each and everything between these two. But you should read the post carefully to identify the tiny difference, as both look similar and the functionality is quite similar.

Basic Numbering:  For identifying Kayak or Canoes you have to understand its classification that indicates by letters and numbers. The letter helps to identify what boat type you are using and number help to identify paddle number. Based on water type, speed and your skill level, experts suggest different model or letter-number kayak or canoe. If you select a canoe that is indicated C1 that means you have selected solo paddle canoe. The canoe is basically open deck boat that has closed cockpit. You will find lots of tutorials how to select the best canoe or kayak and you will find the instruction as well what the basic difference between them is.

The purpose of Use: Both Canoe & Kayak has unique significance and they play a great role when you choose them. The canoe is easily manageable heavy duty boat that you can use to carry more than one person. This is perfect in calm water and easy paddling system helps to enjoy leisure time with great joy. Weather kayak is sports type small boat that you can use single or double, but this gives high performance on the speedy water and makes you more comfortable as well. So this can be a basic difference of kayak & canoe.

Deck System: This is another point that will help you getting perfect understand the difference between kayak and canoe. Kayak is basically covered deck small boat; you do not have the option to carry your friend on it. But canoe is open deck boat that helps you carrying your friend and family as well and enjoys your leisure time on the calm water. Seat position is also important and you can identify what is a kayak or which one is Canoe. This will make a huge difference on your idea and you can easily identify kayak or canoe.

Paddle Style: If you notice the paddle styles, you will find them really identical and unique as well. Canoe paddles are single blade and help you moving your canoe slowly in any angle, whether kayak paddles are a double paddle and help you performing from any angle you want. This helps in quick move and help in moving your kayak in heavy water flow as well.

Final Words: In this handy post, we indicated all basic points that always help you identifying a kayak or canoe. All points are identical and help you understanding the basic difference between kayak and canoe.

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