A Comprehensive Guide To Boat Hire

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A Comprehensive Guide To Boat Hire

Jun 30, 2020, 9:28:07 AM Life and Styles

Hiring a boat is an easy and fuss free experience, as long as you know how to do it, of course! If you're looking at securing yourself a vessel for floating out on the beautiful Sydney Harbour, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it, then you’ve come to precisely the right spot! Read on for a comprehensive guide to hiring a boat and having the best experience possible cruising the iconic Sydney Harbour skyline!

Nail down the numbers

First things first, your budget. All good events or parties start with a properly calculated and closely followed budget. Whatever kind of occasion you’re hoping to hold on your boat, you’ll need to follow an expense guide. This will direct what companies you work with, what time of day or year you can set sail and what kind of accompaniments you can fork out for once you’ve secured your unique and exciting venue. Budget might not be the most engaging thing you think of when you’re putting together a fun party or big event, but addressing it early on will make the entire party planning process so much more enjoyable and ultimately successful, so get calculating!

Understand your event

This one might seem obvious, but lots of people tend to forget the core purpose of the event that they’re planning once they get distracted by the prospect of an exciting venue. There’s no better way to celebrate than floating on the Sydney Harbour, however, you do need to make sure that the boat you’ve chosen, alongside all the trimmings, is suited to the nature of your event. For example, corporate occasions might want a cruise that happens during the early afternoon with plenty of tech equipment to help everything run smoothly. Plan for the event, not for the venue, and you’ll put together a cohesive, enjoyable occasion for everyone.

Secure the guest list

Another numbers game, but equally as important as the first. Boats, by nature, have a finite amount of space. This means that you have very little room for movement when it comes to putting together your guest list. You will likely be looking into capacity early on, so it’s important that you secure your RSVPs nice and early on. Send out a save the date well ahead of time to get a better hold on a ballpark figure and ask your invitees to give you plenty of notice. Account for a couple of extra passengers to avoid any embarrassing mix ups.

Look for package options

Many boat hire companies offer package options to make your planning process even easier! This is actually one of the biggest benefits of booking with a cruise provider, so watch out for packages when you’re browsing your options. You’ll find that you have the choice between packages that offer catering, drinks, decor, BYO, music, service, equipment - the works! Have a good exploration to find one that suits your budget and event needs.

Consider your docking spots

Your pick up and drop off spot is very important. Look at what locations are going to work best for your guests. You should consider accessibility, parking, public transport options and the weather to make the best choice possible. If you're planning on celebrating after hopping off your boat, ensure that your location is close to bars and restaurants. Planning a few pre-docking photos? Look for a lovely, picturesque location for the perfect photo backdrop. When in doubt, set up a poll and let your guests decide for you, the location with the most votes will be the easiest for everyone.

Keep an eye on timings

This pointer really ties in to the note above about understanding the nature of your event. Make sure that the time that you're cruising matches the feel and tone of your party. A business meeting probably doesn’t need a romantic sunset as a setting, whilst a boozy birthday doesn’t really fit with a mid morning cruise. Ask about timing options to get the right slot for you.

Get searching!

There you have it, follow these tips to make your boat hiring process and subsequently your event as successful and stress free as possible. Well, what are you waiting for? Get hunting!

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