Sharaya Maples – A motivational story

Sharaya Maples – A motivational story

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In the world of entrepreneurship, there are many people who are trying to pave their road to success on a daily basis. Not all of them succeed, but those who do serve as a really great inspiration for many others following their road. 

If you are someone that keeps in touch with some of the younger and upcoming social media stars, chances are that you’ve heard about Sharaya Maples. If not, there’s nothing to worry about, this article is completely dedicated to her. 


Who is Sharaya Maples? 


Sharaya Maples is the wife of Jared Maples, a successful entrepreneur who paved his road and turned every opportunity in his life into a success. The same thing applies for Sharaya as well. Today, they are both very successful, with Jared running his own business and Sharaya focusing on her empowering people through her Instagram Influence. She is also working on material to help propel people in their businesses by mastering the mindset necessary to be successful. By the  looks of it, their careers are just getting started.


Sharaya and Jared’s website 


If you are wondering what this young is all about, you can check them out here Their website offers solutions for well-being, high-performing in every field and overall health and happiness. The focus of the website is to share information about their partner company’s products and opportunity to create more options for your life. In their About Us section, you can read some more about Jared and Sharaya’s journey in entrepreneurship, and you also have an option to learn what they do from them directly. 


Sharaya Maples’s past 


Sharaya struggled a lot in her teenage years. She grew up in a middle-class family, but she always gave her best in order to make a living. As a teenage girl, she worked multiple desk jobs at once, and this alone led her to live a quite unhealthy lifestyle.  As she has stated in one of her interviews, “I lived on empty calories and caffeine, and this was one of the main reasons why I couldn’t reach my desired fitness level and athletic physique.” During this time, she was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. She managed to get herself back on track after a family member introduced her to a proven superfood nutrition system. She started eating healthier - being more mindful of her decisions, she focused on  self-love, positive self-talk and her energy levels saw an increase while simultaneously her body began to transform. 


Upon meeting Jared, her entire life changed. According to him, she is the girl of his dreams and without her he wouldn’t be complete. Before their wedding with Jared, Sharaya gave her best effort in order to improve her health, and as a result, she released 25 lbs and dropped 3 dress sizes just in time for the best day of her life - her wedding day.


Sharaya’s main passion is to speak life into others, motivate them to be the best version of themselves and use her story as something that will help those who are struggling to make the decision to get back on track. She is a self-proclaimed “A Hope Dealer”.  Today, she radiates confidence while continually sharing the journey she’s in unapologetic vulnerability. Sharaya absolutely serves as a motivation for thousands. If you are interested in what she does, feel free to connect with her on their website, or even better, visit her Instagram profile - @sharayamaples - where she is the most active. Currently, she has over thirty thousand followers on social media, but that number seems to grow as each day goes by

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