Tips to Take Care of Cashmere Clothing

Ahh, cashmere. There’s nothing that’s cosier, more comfortable or quite so luxe out there, this material really does have it all. So, in order to keep loving your gorgeous cashmere piece for many a winter to come, you need to learn how to take care of it properly, right? That’s a resounding yes, especially because it’s no secret that cashmere tends to be more of an investment. Read on for a little lesson on how to perfectly care for your cashmere pieces for a winter wardrobe that will stay with you season after season…


Remove Pills Carefully

Pills are those annoying lumps and bumps that can crop up on cashmere pieces and they most commonly gather as a result of friction. This is usually in contact spots such as armpits, necklines or areas around your ribcage where your handbag usually hangs out. If you find a few pills piling up, avoid the temptation to pull at them. Instead, use some lint tape and dab at them or reach for a sharp razor blade to skim them off for good. Be very, very gentle whilst doing this.


Keep Laundry to a Minimum

Of course, if your cashmere piece starts to kick up a little or you have some staining going on, by all means wash it, however, it’s best to keep laundry to a minimum when it comes to cashmere. The less you wash it, the less time it spends in its most fragile state, which is when it’s wet. Only wash your cashmere clothing collections when you absolutely have to in order to keep it in your life that much longer.


Wash in Cold Water

Lots of cashmere pieces are going to say “Dry Clean Only” on them, which you should absolutely follow if you can afford to or if it’s a complexly designed item. That being said, not all of us have the budget to take our cashmere to the dry cleaners every time we wear it. So, in order to keep it clean there are a few ways to go about the cleansing process without damaging anything. One of those is absolutely washing in cold water. Hot water will literally ruin your cashmere and leave you with a confusing, soppy mess. Thirty degrees or colder, people.


Use your Hands

Washing machines cannot always be trusted, by washing your cashmere by hand you’ll be able to control how much your pieces get moved around and how much friction they suffer during the washing process. Use a gentle washing technique and only apply pressure where there are bad stains to avoid misshaping your items.


Watch your Detergent

In order to properly cleanse your clothes, you will absolutely want to use a clothes detergent, although, you will have to be a bit precious about the type of product that you’ll be using. Try to stick to a soft, gentle and natural formula that won’t disturb the natural fibres in your cashmere piece and you won’t go too far wrong.


Skip the Softener

Cashmere is loved for being so soft, so let its natural chemistry shine and skip the fabric softener to protect the fibre. It’s only going to get softer over time, all on its own, save yourself the time and money by trying to interfere!


Dry it Flat

Cashmere clothing should be ever so gently dabbed and then placed flat to dry after any washing or spillages. This means that the natural fibres will dry in place and won’t be scrunched or deformed on laundry day. Always be as delicate and careful as possible, it’s so vulnerable when it's wet!

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