What are the Benefits of Membership Cards and Discount Offers

What are the Benefits of Membership Cards and Discount Offers

Apr 30, 2020, 6:56:23 PM Life and Styles

Membership cards come with a tonne of different perks not only for your customers but for your business also! Often left as a bit of an afterthought, it's no secret that many companies don’t take advantage of all the potential benefits that memberships hold for a whole myriad of different kinds of workplaces and environments. If you’re curious about boosting your business through the implementation of membership cards and discount offers, then you’ve come to just the right spot. Read on to find out what membership cards can do for you…


Safety and Security

Security is pretty much the number one aspect that you should be investing in right now, if you haven't already. The safety of staff and patrons is top priority, and in order to maintain a healthy, secure and profitable business, you’ll need to implement a few systems that ensure your company is a comfortable protected place to be. Membership cards can be printed onto Mifare or proximity cards which can be swiped, scanned or tapped to gain access to either your business’ entrance or to track their membership upon entry. If you want to go for the simple plastic card or stripe card option, your desk staff can check identities in the lobby to stay on top of the who's who of your business.


Membership Recruitment and Retainment

You can load your membership program with benefits and rewards to encourage visitors to sign up, and stay with you for the long term. A well-designed membership card will be carried in your customers’ wallets at all time, giving them a reminder of your company and encouraging them to recommend you to their social circle. Ongoing rewards will also give your members the incentive to rejoin your program year after year.



A high quality membership card design can really help to enhance your branding and add to your company’s overall image. Customise your cards with your company name, colours and logo to reinforce your brand and enjoy a little free local exposure in your area. As touched on above, your cards will be a tangible reminder of your business and might well encourage your members to talk you up in their social circle or professional network - you never know!


Value Added

The stylish and well-made embodiment of your company has been touched on a few times already, but this benefit is a sustained plus that's going to go a long way with your members and add to your bottom line. Membership rewards programs don’t only look good, they also promote the value that your company brings to your customers. This is going to encourage them to stay with you, choose you over competitors and continue to recommend you when relevant in their day to day lives.


Keeping it Personable

You can design your membership cards to feature the identity of the holder. This can be in the form of a unique serial number, picture, written information or all of the above. If your company operates on a staffed or desk basis, this means that your employees will get to know the name and identity of their repeat customers and members far quicker. A friendly and safe atmosphere is going to encourage a positive vibe within your company and make your customers feel well cared for and valued. If you're more on the tech side of things, you can use contact information to stay in a personable conversation with your customers whenever you please!

Customer Insight

The data and contact information that you gather can go further than just keeping things personable, it can actually tell you a lot about your target demographic. You’ll gather insight in regards to age, gender and income groups that can direct how you go about your offers, membership program, marketing and business as a whole. Customer insight and analysing is key to any successful business.

These benefits are too good for anyone to pass up, especially considering the cost effectiveness of membership cards! Get searching for a provider to help you create your company’s cards now. 

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