Why You Need To Set Fitness Goals to Lose Weight

Successful people who achieve what they want in life understand the power of goal setting and apply it in both their working and personal life. They understand that the mind needs a target or destination to aim for and that is what goal setting is all about. If you do not know where you want to go then, how do you ever expect to get there.

Setting goals focuses your mind.


They provide the guide posts to what you want to achieve in life whether it be business or pleasure. The same goes with keeping fit or losing weight with keto . People find both of these challenges very difficult to achieve and for most they never stay committed long enough to follow through. When it comes to losing weight most people take on the challenge as a New Year resolution. They begin with good intentions however, the moment they start to feel the first aches and pains they give up.


Making resolutions or wishful thinking is a complete waste of time because people rarely keep them. To increase your chances of losing weight or keeping fit you need to set yourself fitness goals. If you are overweight you may feel that losing 5 stone is too difficult a goal for you to achieve. To get round this issue you can break that target down into smaller goals that are far more achievable for example, losing 1 stone each month over the next 5 months. This will make it less daunting and as you are more likely to succeed achieving these smaller goals this will give you the confidence to continue.

When it comes to losing weight you can also set yourself a daily goal of burning a certain amount of calories.


There are excellent heart rate monitor watches such as the polar f11 that can monitor your heart rate and the number of calories you burn during each workout session. These will help you monitor your progress and performance and many include software where you can set your own personalized daily and weekly fitness goals. The point of all this is to keep you motivated and committed to achieving your fitness goals. Many people start with good intentions but fail to follow through because they do not see or feel they are improving.

This is common with keeping fit and losing weight because the results do not come instantly, they take time. As we live in a world that is full of quick fixes and instant gratification many people lose patience and give up. Therefore, when trying to lose weight you need to focus on the benefits and not the pain. A good trick to use is giving yourself a reward or incentive for each goal that you achieve. These rewards or incentives will help you push through the initial aches and pain. They can involve a weekend holiday, an item of clothing or a massage. By focusing on the rewards and not the pain you will be more motivated to achieve your goals of keeping fit and losing weight.

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