**Before I start this blog introduction post I would like to state that I did not piss myself in that photo. Though, it has yet to be confirmed what exactly that wetness was.**

My family is crazy. You think that would be introduction enough, but it’s really not. Because, every 21 year old probably pronounces that their family is crazy about five times a day, depending on whether said 21 year old is still living at home (I am not). 

I had this amazing idea last Christmas about starting this blog about how crazy my family is when out of nowhere my family began a fight about whether or not Jesus was a jew. During the whole fight, my aunt tried desperately not to strangle her brother (My father) across the dining room table, who was really only fuelling the argument to drive my poor aunt crazy. My mother and sister continually told them to google it, while my sister’s boyfriend egged it on. I, during this whole spectacle, could only be bothered to wonder how in the hell I ended up in this gene pool of crazy and prayed that I might’ve been adopted. The important fact I left out of this story, is that my family is not religious, we do not attend church at all, like ever. So why in the hell are we having a fight about whether Jesus was a jew or not on Christmas? Because they’re bloody crazy! 

The funny thing is that is not even crazy, but it’s also not a conversation that families have at Christmas dinner. I am really only getting warmed up on the crazy because I have so many stories logged in my journal to last a lifetime. 

I started realizing my family was crazy around the time high school rolled around and when normal teenagers start to realize their family is absolutely embarrassing. If I’m honest I was never embarrassed by my family, because I came to realize recently that I was crazy! I discovered it obviously was a gene and there was nothing I could do about it. I simply had to embrace the crazy. I tried fighting it for awhile, hiding it like a weird mole that had hair growing out of it, until one day I just let it out, every last bit of crazy (Although I will never be as crazy as them!)

So that brings me to this blog. I am going to use this blog to share the stories of my crazy family with you, in hopes, it will bring much-needed sanity and advice on how to deal with this crazy bunch! So buckle up your seat belts because shit is going to get crazy!


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