Upholstery Facts: Different Types of Leather Used around the Globe

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Upholstery Facts: Different Types of Leather Used around the Globe

Jul 2, 2019, 7:33:45 AM Business

When thinking of using leather as upholstery for our furniture – for car seats, sofa or chairs – we often think about how sophisticated and durable it looks. Not only that but it also feels like a smart choice to buy for professional spaces such as offices. However, not all leather types are the same. In fact, there’s a difference in texture, quality, sophistication, and sturdiness.

Furthermore, different varieties of leather have different qualities and overall comfort. Which is why the leather sold across the world is as different as everyone’s need for comfort often differ.

Split Gain Leather:

While most people don’t know this, split leather actually comes from genuine cattle skin that has been separated from its stronger top grain layer. Hence, the name of the leather.

This leather type is usually utilized for covering the back of furniture, and while it doesn’t have the same durability as that of the full or correct grain leather, its strong enough to hold well enough on the back of the furniture.

Full Grain Leather:

Keep in mind that this is the most authentic type of leather that you can get in the market. The only process it ever goes through is animal hair removal and then being soaked in a natural vegetable dye. The leather doesn’t go through any other treatments. Due to this, the leather is considered the purest among all others and is priced high. When speaking of the texture itself, it’s first hard but eventually softens up with prolonged use.

Top Grain Leather:

Unlike full grain leather, the top grain leather requires a little more polishing. Although it has the same level of purity as full grain, the process that they both go through are different. In this leather type, a buffing process is carried out, which gives it a softer feel. If you want a leather that gives a soft touch but has durability then this is the best thing to buy.

Nubuck Leather:

Nubuck leather has a velvety texture and appears luxurious as well. This is mainly because the grains of the leather are not processed and are polished instead. The leather tends to appear higher in quality and the surface tends to change color can running a hand across it. Due to the inner skin just being polished, it gives a softer feel when using it to take a nap or just sitting on it.

Corrected Grains Leather:

This leather undergoes a lot of processing – from buffing, sanding, and stamping to dying. The process is carried out to remove the impurities such as scars, scrapes, cuts and even things such as insect bites. They are corrected until they can be suitable for being used as an upholstery fabric.

The tissue structure of the leather material is actually corrected grains, however, despite all the handwork done to it, it’s still not regarded as a high-quality leather or as durable as a purely processed leather in the top grain leather categories.

Aniline Leather:

The aniline leather is pure enough to actually represent the top 5 percent of the full grain leather that is still available. Terms such as, “aniline full grain, naked aniline”, “true aniline” or even things such as natural grains.

Furthermore, those who want to purchase a leather with all natural factors included in it can look for this kind of leather. This leather is very pure and the grains in it offers the softest, but a most natural surface that can be found among all leather types. In fact, it’s said that only the purest quality of the leather is treated with aniline dye so this is undeniably the purest one you can find for your fabric.

As opposed to its counterpart, semi-aniline grains offer top 10 to 15 percent of full grain leathers that are available in the market. While only being a step below in the list of good leathers, this type is very durable.

Faux Leather:

Faux leather, also known as animal leather, doesn’t actually use real animal skin. This can be perfect for animal lovers who want to find alternatives for having the soft, comfortable fur-type leather as their couch covers. Even though man-made fur is not up to the same quality as real fur yet, its durability is very good and can be smart, but an attractive alternative to animal leather.


This exclusive type of leather is mostly available in European countries. The Royalin leather is made out of natural pebbled grain and includes various original markings. However, its durability is not that strong as it needs protection treatment for moisture and contact with human skin. It’s a good choice for buyers who want their furniture to give off a royal and luxurious look. The top-notch leather is also very comfortable for sitting and laying on.

These days, upholstery for car seats or home furniture is becoming quite common. If you’re looking for good quality custom Furniture upholstery in Arizonakeep these types of leather in mind.

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