Four ways to incorporate more plant foods into your lifestyle

Four ways to incorporate more plant foods into your lifestyle

I understand that most people need lots of time to take small steps to eating better, and that’s perfectly alright! We didn’t adopt our current eating patterns in a day. If I can get you thinking about your choices a bit more, then I consider myself successful. For those of you who feel ready to incorporate more plant foods into your diet, here are a few ways to do so.

  1. Have a delicious fruit and veggie smoothie. The best option is to make a smoothie yourself, and I will post some suggestions and recipes in a future blog. What do I mean by a real smoothie? I am talking about a simple fruit and veggie smoothie. No refined sugars added. No dairy: no ice cream, frozen yogurt, yogurt, etc. Just fruit and veggies! Not sure if what you are getting is healthy? Just ask for the ingredients and nutritional information. Most places are required to provide that these days. And guess what? You can ask them to take things out if you wish.
  2. Try a juice. I am obsessed with juice right now! For those with an interest in the miracles of juicing, watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead available on Netflix Instant. Again, juicing yourself is best, and I’ll provide you with a guide to that in a later post. Want to grab a juice on the go? Even some Starbucks carry a line of bottled juices called Evolution Fresh, and Walmart also has cold-pressed juices. Try the Suja juice or the Bolthouse 1915 juices. When shopping, look for options that have not been pasteurized and do not contain added sugar or dairy. You want the fresh fruity goodness only!
  3. Create a real salad loaded with plant foods. By real salad, I don’t mean your typical crappy yellow lettuce with a token tomato and lots of cheese and meat. I mean one that’s rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and/or whole grains. Nutritionist, health coach, and podcaster, Sid Garza-Hillman will show you how: You’re in for education and a laugh!
  4. Order plant foods with your normal meal. When eating out, have whatever you normally like to eat, but ask for a side of salad, steamed vegetables, a cup of veggie soup, or fresh fruit instead of the chips, fries, or potato salad. That’s an awesome step in the direction of health!!

If these steps seem way too big and overwhelming to you, that’s ok. Plan to eat how you normally do but make a goal to add in one fruit or vegetable per day for a week. See how it makes you feel, and realize you are taking positive action! The idea is to create lasting, sustainable behavior change. Pick a step that pushes the limits of your comfort zone, but feels like you can do it indefinitely. Dietary change is about lifestyle change. More on that later. For now, enjoy some fresh plant foods, and let me know in the comments below how you incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in your life.

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