Overt Fat-Free Raw Vegan Experiment & Hybrid Bowl Recipe

Overt Fat-Free Raw Vegan Experiment & Hybrid Bowl Recipe

For nearly two months, I have been adhering to a raw vegan dietary pattern. I’ve been fully raw on and off for the last two years or so, and my body has once again called in the desire for subsisting on raw fruits and veggies to the exclusion of cooked foods. For me this does include herbal tea, which some would argue is not raw. I’ve had nuts, seeds, nori, and other treats—namely raw granola and cacao beans (in other words, raw vegan crack)—that are dehydrated, but for the most part my calories are coming from whole, fresh, ripe, raw fruits, and veggies. Yumlicious!


Lately, I’ve had the feeling that too many of my calories were coming from fat. My intuition alerted me that a change needed to be made to simplify and get back to basics. In the past, what has worked best for me is to really limit my intake of overt fats and focus on fruits and as many greens as I desire. So that’s what I’m doing. Starting a few days ago, I resolved to go overt fats-free.


For those who are less familiar with the realm of raw food, overt fats refer to foods like avocadoes, nuts, seeds, coconuts, and oils. These foods derive the majority of their calories from fat. Fruits like bananas and mangoes and veggies like romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, and celery also have a small percentage of fat, but the vast majority of the energy comes in the form of carbohydrates.


So why would I eliminate overt fats for any period of time? Well for me, my digestion and metabolism are on the slower side. My body takes full advantage of any excuse to slow down even more. And I don’t want that! I want to feel light and free, and a diet without overt fats helps speed up digestion and gets the metabolic fire burning bright.


In my experience, I have looked my leanest and had the most energy and clarity of thought when I keep the overt fats really low. Some people can eat all the fat they care for and look and feel great. That’s not me! In my experience, diet is about finding what works best for you in your own body with your unique background, experiences, lifestyle, and goals.


I’m aiming to go at least 30 days with no overt fats to give my body a chance to adjust and see what kind of changes occur. The past few days have been filled with bananas, mangoes, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, and spinach, and I am feeling surprisingly satisfied and satiated.


My spiritual energy has skyrocketed, and I have been drawn to meditate a lot. I’ve also been drawn to write a lot too. I love not feeling so full, bloated, and weighed down by the harder to digest fats and dehydrated treats. Mental, physical, and spiritual energy is flowing more freely, and I am really grateful for that!


Here’s an overt fat-free recipe I have been loving lately. It’s a great way to satisfy cravings for sweets, especially those of you who like the mint-chocolate combo (I know I do!), and also satisfy the desire for savory with the spinach.



5 small fresh bananas

3 small frozen bananas, chopped

1 sprig fresh mint leaves

2 heaping Tbsp carob powder

½ cup raspberry leaf tea, chilled

1-2 cups fresh spinach, chopped



  1. Blend together all ingredients except spinach. I usually throw in the fresh bananas, mint leaves, carob powder, and tea first, and pulse to combine them. Then I add in the frozen bananas.
  2. Pour into pretty wooden bowl and top with spinach leaves.


*Adjust ingredient quantities based on your caloric needs and preferences. I found that this recipe makes a consistency I really enjoy, but you may like your smoothie bowls more on the liquid side or more on the nice cream end of the spectrum. Experiment, and do what feels right! Namaste!

Published by Taylor Norris

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