Water Fasting Series: Day 10: Where'd my energy go?! Dr. Oz, Gretchen Rubin, Health and Happiness Self-Care

Water Fasting Series: Day 10: Where'd my energy go?! Dr. Oz, Gretchen Rubin, Health and Happiness Self-Care

Day 10 proved to be a CHALLENGE. Apparently, my fast took an energetic turn from day 8 to 9, which aligned with the low pressure front, and grey, gloomy, rainy weather.


Fortunately, I was blessed with another good night’s sleep. I stopped reading before 9:30pm, and slowly my inner chatter stopped enough to allow my body to enter sweet, deep sleep.


In the morning, I arose at 6:15am, 15 minutes earlier than usual. I wanted to give myself plenty of time to meditate and to do my enema. Meditation time was deliciously long, relaxing, and spacious.


My enema, on the other hand, is still taking some getting used to. The flow that is comfortable for me takes forever to empty the bag, but when I let the flow go any stronger, I can’t take it. I think with time I will get used to the process. Nonetheless, I did expel some toxic waste.


I took my dogs on their potty walk, and midway through, I had to rush home to do my business! Haha, hope they understand.


I finished my manifesting with love visualization, and I had all these ideas and inspirations flow into my consciousness. A few e-books in mind. One that I have a really good start on deserves my attention to complete it. It’s a lengthy piece on my experiences in Hawaii, and can probably be divided into several e-books. Another is a science fiction tale that will be a lot of fun to write.


I need to carve out some special time to allocate to these projects to allow them to manifest. The idea of an e-book is so powerful, because then you don’t have to worry about big publishing and all that. I am certainly intrigued and excited at the prospect!


I finished the fourth module in my health coaching course, and will share some of the wisdom I gleaned.


According to Dr. Oz, famed physician, talk show host, and health advocate, there are 5 simple keys to good health:

  • Maintain a normal blood pressure, achieved naturally through lifestyle, not medication
  • 30 minutes of physical activity daily
  • Adherence to a healthy diet that’s easy to love
  • Stress control through relaxation techniques (e.g. yoga, meditation, deep breathing) and adequate, high quality sleep
  • Curtail addictions (e.g. food, drugs, alcohol, caffeine, overexercise, spending, gambling, sex)


His recommendations are simple enough, and largely intuitive.


Another intriguing speaker was part of my course this week. Gretchen Rubin studied as a lawyer and dedicates her life to researching and writing about happiness. Rubin’s happiness resolutions share a lot of overlap with Dr. Oz’s suggestions:

  • Enough sleep
  • Regular exercise
  • Cultivate good smells (essential oils, incense, flowers, ahhhhh!)
  • Outer order, cleanliness, and not a lot of possessions reduce mental clutter and stress (especially making your bed!)
  • Intimate bonds. Work to broaden and deepen your relationships, and start or join a group.
  • Get clear about your outer and inner expectations, and learn strategies to hold yourself accountable in a healthful manner that aligns with your personality.


The similarities between Dr. Oz’s and Gretchen Rubin’s suggestions point to how inextricably linked health and happiness truly are! That’s why the focus of my health coaching practice is BOTH.


Ok, so enough with the mental nutrition…


Physical symptoms: I feel really tired again today. I want to lay down, but I am at work, and have to sit. I’ve had a nasty white tongue lately, as the toxins are coming to the surface to be expelled. I also have the classic ketosis taste in my mouth. I am experiencing low and mid-back pain. Probably from sitting in this damned chair! I am experiencing pain in the center of my forehead, localized in my third eye, most likely due to staring at screens. I also noticed some slight chest pain a couple inches above my sternum. Nothing too intense. I had similar sensations during my last fast.


My weight was the same as yesterday (118.8 lbs). It seems to have a plateaued for today, which is very normal, especially as one gets deeper into a fast. I don’t even really mind it. I’m fitting in my clothes better with more options in smaller sizes, and feeling more comfortable in my skin. My skin does look really nice and clear too.


Around lunchtime, I had to get out of the office. I was going stir-crazy. I visited the local health food store, and ran into lots of lovelies. I connected with some women who attend my workshops, and was delighted to learn that one of the ladies who purchased a SCOBY from me successfully bottled her first kombucha brew! I enjoyed seeing all the employees, and relished the energy there. I majorly soaked in much-needed positive vibes. I purchased a case of sparkling water (totally helps psychologically while fasting) and lavender massage oil for nightly application and to take to my massage next week! Excellent self-care.


Back at the office, I planned to meet my friends in south Louisiana at a national forest midway between our towns for a camping trip in May. STOKED!


The afternoon lagged on in my office, and I desperately wanted to lay my head down on my desk and SLEEP.


Around 4:00pm, I had a Medicaid interview walk-in and managed to schedule her for tomorrow. I was a little out of it, but maintained composure. She is very sweet, and I believe I will be able to help her receive assistance.


Inspiration from a beautiful youtuber: I trust the changes in my life. I trust the changes are for the better, to improve my life. I love the universe, and it loves me.


At 4:30, I left work, went home, and walked the dogs. Ranger and Tempe are so high energy that I struggle to resonate with them while fasting and often find myself annoyed and irritated by them. While on our walk, Ranger got out of his collar, as I was bending down to pick up their poop, and ran across the road. Panic! I managed to lure him back very quickly with the magic word: "treat!" Then of course, Tempe wanted to run across the road too. Ah, disaster averted!


Once home, I did an enema and expelled more swamp water. I laid down for about 15 minutes to recharge my batteries before going to the laundromat.


Thankfully, there weren't a ton of people at the laundromat, and I had no trouble doing my clothes. In the car, I reclined the seat all the way back. I listened to the RRP about food addiction with Jasmin Singer and Our Hen House, Jasmin Singer's amazing vegan podcast I just discovered, despite its 7-year track record.


My laundry finished just in time for the Al-Anon meeting. I cut it so close I didn't have time to fold my clothes, but I didn't care. I was not about to miss a meeting!


It was heart-warming to be in the presence of the Al-Anon fellowship and connect with so many loving people. I definitely feel very nourished and complete tonight. Tonight's meeting was a powerful reminder of my powerlessness over food, alcohol, drugs, and other people.


Laying in bed now, I am grateful to have been lathered up in lavender soap and moisturized with lavender massage oil. Scents are truly remarkable when fasting! 


Tonight, I am praying for guidance from God in my work life. Please help me manifest a meaningful, rewarding, and lucrative career.


As usual, I read some Al-anon literature before bed. I feel very hopeful. May you also be filled with hope, friend!


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