Water Fasting Series: Day 19: Financial Wisdom, Nausea, and Fasting One Day at a Time

Water Fasting Series: Day 19: Financial Wisdom, Nausea, and Fasting One Day at a Time

Woohoo! Day 19 baby! We’re doing it!


I have some serious dry mouth this morning. Slept like a baby once again. Listened to a yoga nidra for sleep track, and dozed off early. I awoke this morning, said my morning prayers in child’s pose, and proceeded to meditate for 45 minutes — humming followed by silence. Glorious!


At work, I began with my manifestation with love visualization. Feeling some slight queasiness in my stomach. Will drink lots of water and definitely do an enema later.


Overall, I feel centered and positive. Mid-back pain already from sitting in this chair at work. Typical.


Morning weigh-in: 113.8 pounds. All my size 0 pants fit, hooray! Getting dressed is a pleasure once more.




I finished up my health coaching module for the week, and was inspired by Kate Northrup, a financial guru, who spoke about net worth and self-worth. According to Northrup, we all have some healing to do around money. She recommends the following:

  • Tell yourself the truth! Assess current debt, income, how much you spend, etc.
  • Share this with someone safe and nonjudgmental.
  • Don’t beat yourself up and hate on yourself, because change won’t stick if these are the tactics used.
  • Instead, be loving and compassionate to oneself. For example, “I’m not buying that right now because I love myself.”
  • Know your worth.
  • When you value yourself, you put more value into the world, which allows you to pay off debt and make more money!
  • List EVERYTHING you value about yourself.


Her suggestions remind me of the 12 steps in recovery programs. A lot of quality overlap there. I plan on experimenting with her recommendations, as I know that I personally have lots of room to grow in the financial department.


Another financial guru, Manisha Thakor, had some pretty inspiring points to share:

  • When you own your finances, you own your life. Ah, I look forward to this!
  • Finish the statement, “When I live my life from a position of financial strength, I will…”
    • For me, I will never work a corporate job I don’t like
    • I will work with people who resonate with me.
    • I will be paid to do what I love.
    • I will live debt-free.
    • I will travel often.
    • I will be generous with others and causes that are important to me.




By the time the afternoon rolled around, I felt queasy and sick to my stomach. More water? Yes, please.


I made a trip to the local health food store for a vibes up experience. It was hopping today with a local artist and craft show. Thanks to the financial consciousness I had just soaked in, I didn’t buy anything. Yay!


I enjoyed connecting with a friend there who is shipping out to Colorado next week to do some woolfing. So excited for her! I checked in with my other friends there, and opened up to them about the Colorado travel extravaganza. It feels amazing to share, ah!


I ran into a photographer who had taken my kombucha workshop, and has since been obsessed with the stuff! We educated another woman about kombucha and all the workshops I provide on healthy topics. The culture of health is taking root here, and I am excited to see it continue to blossom!


I also met a man who owns a cool farm community just outside the area here, who is having an event on May 14, where I’m welcome to come and share raw foods, juice, kombucha, or whatever creations I am feeling. Pretty cool! All in all, I am feeling restored!


My mantra today: I can do this fast ONE DAY AT A TIME! That’s it! That’s the answer. Duh!


Mid-afternoon, I started to drink a Bragg’s ACV beverage, but felt nauseous. It stimulated another BM with mucous and weird stringy stuff. I am glad I am eliminating so much more on this fast. I am taking it as a good sign.


I came home from work to be greeted by the pungent odor of dog urine. It wreaked! I looked around for the source and could not find it, but it smelled worse close to the front door. I discovered that Ranger had fully emptied his bladder on the small rug there. I threw it out and cleaned up the mess with non-toxic cleaning products and peppermint oil. It still smells down there, but is much better. Poor little guy does need me to come home at lunch to walk him. Won't make that mistake again! 


I did another enema and eliminated a lot of swamp water. I experienced some relief nausea-wise.


I am having some thoughts about foods from my omnivorous past, but trying to detach from them and reground myself in God. May I be liberated from my food obsession and addiction.


Even though I wanted nothing more than to lay in bed, I went to Al-anon. As always, I was glad I did. I shared about boundaries and how they can change over time. I received so much hope tonight, and every time I go I am reminded of how staying engaged in the program is critical to helping myself. Newcomers show me how far I've come in terms of detachment, keeping my mouth shut, and minding my own business. It was heart warming to check in with everyone.


Now I've showered and am all set for bed. I burned Palo Santo to cleanse and protect the space, and the aroma is intoxicating! I am so grateful to treat myself to an evening of rest and relaxation. God, thank you for another day filled with enough strength and courage to persist in the fast. Namaste. 


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