Water Fasting Series: Day 7: Mushrooming, Sun Bathing, Heart Connection, Colon Cleansing

Water Fasting Series: Day 7: Mushrooming, Sun Bathing, Heart Connection, Colon Cleansing

I dreamt of mushrooming. Not taking them to get high or go on a spiritual journey of sorts, but picking mushrooms in Colorado. Chantrelles, porcini, puffballs, morels, and oyster mushrooms. I noticed many amanita muscarias, the red capped mushrooms with white spots featured in the Smurfs. Someone I was with wanted to eat them to explore their magical hallucinogenic effects, but I said no. I was not up for it!


I had a really nice time in meditation this morning. I enjoyed about an hour of humming, sitting in silence, and then manifesting with love. This time I visualized a life in Colorado. I climbed to the top of a mountain, and saw myself as this beautiful, vibrant, thin, healthy, and happy being with long, lustrous hair flowing in the breeze, much like Pocahontas. Then, I embraced this beautiful man, climbed down the mountain with him. A montage of rich experiences unfolded: meeting our friends for a fruit luck, skiing the soft white slopes, spinning around on our skis, and traveling between a minimalist home in Colorado and one in California. Ah, it would be so nice to ultimately be self-employed as a health coach and writer with the freedom to roam and enjoy myself with steady income streaming in.


Physical symptoms: I don’t really have any. I had a really amazing night of sleep. Probably 12 hours. I was clearly exhausted. I let myself sleep in, and it felt so good. Bad breath upon waking. Super white tongue, which I scraped. Faint and light headed upon standing. I feel clear mentally and emotionally. Rested and ready for a day of chilling. I did an enema and had some orange, watery BMs.


Today’s weight is 120.2 pounds, 8.4 pounds down from Day 2. My collar bones are protruding once more. I feel and see that my body is coming back, and this makes me quite happy.


I laid in the sun outside my townhome, and listened to a sun meditation. I feel a lot more grounded now after laying on my towel over the grass with my feet bare. I feel much more connected to the earth and the sun. I moved inside after about 45 minutes or so, as I don’t want to burn or overexpose myself. I did sweat a bit, and my armpits are emitting the classic fasting body odor. Good to get it out! It’s like my body is taking out the garbage through my pits.


At 1:11pm – I took 1 tsp of Healthforce Intestinal Drawing Formula in 8 ounces of water to facilitate detoxification and prevent autointoxication, which I think happened to me last time. It actually tastes really good. I will see how this goes, and may or may not take it throughout the rest of the fast.


I felt rather productive, and blogged about my other days of fasting. I took my dogs for a brief walk, and reached out to a friend of mine in Hawaii whom I miss. I even had the energy to vacuum up all the dog hair in my apartment. Success!


In the afternoon, I connected and walked with my aunt for nearly 5 miles. I believe our souls had a contract for her to come into my life at this time. We had no relationship up until about 4 years ago, the time when my spiritual awakening kicked into full gear. She is awesome and reminds me a lot of my deceased paternal grandmother. It’s like I lost my grandmother--and my parents to a certain extent, for now at least—but I am cultivating a strong relationship with my aunt and uncle, who are newly vegan! Such a testament to not trying to change people! Instead, simply providing others with information and encouragement allows others to make the change themselves on their own time! I feel so deeply grateful to have them as supportive, loving family members in my life. I had some major realizations and emotional releases while talking to her, which I am sure will profoundly influence and shape the coming months.


At the end of the day, I felt good, but quite tired. I walked far today, taxing my physiology, expelled a lot of emotional energy in my heart connection and emotional release with Carol, and used a lot of mental and creative energy in blogging.


Before bed, I took three Healthforce Intestinal Movement capsules and will see what effect they have on my body. I may not take them again on the fast. I don't know! Staying open and learning as I go.


My usual nightly rituals ensued with the generation of a lengthy gratitude list, metta-meditation wishes for all beings, and the reading of recovery literature. Namaste. 


Be sure to check out my posts on My Previous Fasting Experience, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, and Day 6. Much love to you on your journey!


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