Water Fasting Series: Day 8: Sunbaking, Basalt, Sleep, Incense Hair, Animal bag?!

Water Fasting Series: Day 8: Sunbaking, Basalt, Sleep, Incense Hair, Animal bag?!

I had an awesome short story idea before falling asleep last night! The idea was inspired by a conversation I had with my aunt about multidimensionality and simultaneous experience. It’s amazing how the creativity overtakes me when I am relaxed, empty, and open.


I slept again for a very long time. Like 10-12 hours. Apparently, the week took it out of me, and I am paying off my sleep debt.


I dreamt about dancing at my old dance school after many years out of practice. A girl from my psychology doctorate program was there doing lots of backbends, and I complimented her. I had other dreams I cannot remember at the moment.


I awoke at 9am, assumed child’s pose, and prayed for a healing, restorative day. Meditation practice ensued and lingered on for over an hour. My thoughts swirled around, and I watched them, detached. I came to peace and loving acceptance of the bad news of last week, and feel optimistic about a solution arising, as I remain open and focused on healing.


Physical symptoms: white tongue, a few tiny pimples on my face, and general weakness. Light and airy feeling, but clear thinking. Centered. I did an enema. I also took 1tsp intestinal drawing formula and had some dark diarrhea in the afternoon and evening.


I fed and walked the dogs. Inspired by the bright sun shining overhead, I walked to an open green space in a nearby picture-perfect New Orleans-style neighborhood. Ah, glorious sunshine. I am truly a Leo who needs her sun! All was quiet and peaceful. I was completely undisturbed, and no one was around. Nice and private, despite being out in the open. I have definitely found my new spot to lay out and sunbake.


While baking, I finished listening to a Sri Mati podcast and began the Rich Roll podcast with Shawn Stevenson on sleep. Just a few minutes after lying down, I received a call from Basalt, CO. WHOLE FOODS! I talked to a manager there, who is interested in hiring me. I explained my situation transparently about my plans to move upon hire. I offered to come to the store Sunday or Monday, when I will be in town gathering my belongings from my family home. The town is about an hour and 15 minutes from the family home, and it would be awesome to check out Basalt! The manager said she’ll do some brainstorming with her assistant, and see what she can come up with.


I can’t believe it. Of course, my mind went a swirling to all the possibilities. I can imagine it now. Spending 40 hours a week in a high vibe store in a high vibe ski town. Hiking on the weekends in the summer. Downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing on the weekends in the winter. Meeting all manner of gorgeous mountain people. Plus, I would be in the Whole Foods family, and after a year or so, if I wanted to transfer to California or somewhere else, I could explore that possibility! It’s amazing what can happen when you plant seeds and remain open to divine timing! No attachment to outcome!


Lying in the sunshine letting my inner-hippie out, I learned a lot about sleep from the podcast.

  • It’s definitely important to get sunshine everyday, especially in the morning to set circadian rhythms.
  • Doing some type of physical activity in the morning is also beneficial.
  • Unsurprisingly, unplugging about an hour before bed will contribute to higher sleep quality.
  • At the very least, get an app on your device that will filter out the blue light!
  • Temperature is important too. Keep it a little chilly!
  • If you work out in the evening, take a cold shower to lower your body temperature, which naturally begins lowering in the evening before bedtime. No wonder I had trouble sleeping after hot yoga from 5:45-7pm!
  • Reading before bed is relaxing and conducive to high quality sleep.


 I can honestly say that these are all things I’m doing these days.


After sunbaking, I spent some time blogging. I went to an amazing restorative yoga practice. Incense was a-burning, infusing the room with a heavenly scent of chillaxation. For the first half of class, we worked through a series of restorative poses. The remainder of time was spent in yoga nidra and savasana, complete with a cool lavender rag placed over my forehead and eyes to facilitate restoration. In days past, my hair smelled like cigarettes, and now it smells like incense! Love it!


After class, I enjoyed a lengthy heart connection with my dear friend in Australia. I’m so grateful for skype! Turns out we are on the same wavelength even a world apart, as she has been fasting too. It was awesome to hear about her life and share in her happiness. She too is a health coach with a wonderfully supportive, warm presence, and I found it extremely helpful to process my own emotions, life events, and ideas with her.


Around 8:15pm, I went on a scavenger hunt to the local drug stores to find an enema kit. I’ve been using the prepackaged ones that have maybe 8 ounces of liquid inside, but I am ready for a more intensive (not to mention ecofriendly) experience. It appeared they were nowhere to be found, and most of the workers didn't even know what I was talking about. “Animal bag?!” one worker asked me to clarify. Eventually, a lady helped me find one that was in the feminine section for douching. Who knew!


Before bed, I smudged my room, body, and crystals to declare the space as sacred, healing, protected, and holy to prepare for a restful night of sleep. As usual, my day ended with a gratitude list and reading recovery literature. Overall, day 8 was smooth-sailing.


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