book Handyman services Dubai up to 50 AED off

book Handyman services Dubai up to 50 AED off

Dec 11, 2021, 7:22:06 AM Business

Just because you are living in a rental property does not mean you can’t renovate the rooms. Starting from living rooms to bathrooms, you can remodel everything. But, before doing that, it’s important to get the approval of the landlords. Moreover, the tenants can enhance the house value by upgrading the tiles and ceiling. 

Consider renovating the plumbing accessories, and it will add value to the bathroom. But, before initiating the bathroom renovation project, certain things need to be considered. Space optimization plays an imperative role in every bathroom remodelling plan. 

Additionally, it’s important to have ventilation in the rental bathroom. It will help reduce excessive moisture in the room. A well-ventilated bathroom can help the tenants to avoid wall damages. While restoring the bathroom, you should also think about the lighting. Go with a lighting fixture that goes with the bathroom design. 

Don’t clutter the rental bathroom with unwanted accessories. If there is inadequate space, never install a bathroom cabinet. Also, don’t mount more than one shower if it is not required. You might have chosen an eye-catching design, but will that look suit the bathroom!!! Consult with a professional bathroom remodelling expert before coming to any decision. 

When Should You Consider Renovating the Rental Bathroom? 

You might not like the existing design of the rental bathroom. Or, there might be outdated plumbing or bathroom fixtures in the rental property. Moreover, if the landlord installed the plumbing system years ago, it’s high time to change that. Because, over time, the drain pipes or sewage system might get clogged or damaged. As a result, you have to spend more money on repairing those faulty plumbing fixtures. So, change the overall appearance of the bathroom by hiring handyman services experts. 

Well, nobody likes to use a bathroom that has slippery floors. It is a major safety concern for most of the tenants. So, if the rental bathroom has such a problem, consider renovating it. 

Are you getting an unpleasant smell from the bathroom? It indicates that the pipelines have not been cleaned, and mould/mildew has clogged those. Instead of declogging the damaged pipelines, install new ones. 

Moreover, if you get a burning smell while using the water heater, contact an electrician in Dubai. Replace the faulty wires and add an extra layer of protection in the rental bathroom. 

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